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Easy Learning

All classes are easy to attend wherever and whenever you want.

Lifetime Mentoring

All our courses include lifetime mentoring to ensure that you grow and earn in our community.

Lifetime Certificate

All our membership training includes professional lifetime certificates that you can use on Linkedin or for CV’s.

Premium Classes

All classes are packed full of 100% premium original content that can turn you to a professional writer in 2 weeks or less.

Lazy earning

Our training gives you the ability to earn even as a lazy writer, by simply uploading your write-ups on our blog.

Lifetime Membership

All our membership training gives you FULL access and membership into our community whee you will find like-minded professional writers to help you grow and earn.

5 Earning methods

Our training gives you FULL access to make money in our community by blogging, publishing ebooks, selling audio books, freelancing, and earning affiliate commissions.

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Whether you are looking to get to the next level in your career or wondering how to make more sales, get more customers, create awareness, and grow your brand, the skill of writing and selling will help you. Here's why:

Every business online/offline relies on writing
Sales and brand awareness are essential to any organization—including churches and mosques. With writing, you can inform your audience, create awareness for an event, get people to either comply, make purchases, or make donations.
The entire internet lives and breathes on writing
Every business or brand online needs writers to generate traffic, sales, and awareness
Professional opportunities rely on your writing skills
CV's, Interviews and so on require excellent writing skills
Media industries rely on writing 
Social media, News papers, Radio Stations, Television, even Games

But there’s more…

We don’t just teach you how to write and earn, we teach you all the necessary skills you need to make money online;

This includes marketing, pitching, portfolio building and so on. We offer you a professional certificate to stand out, and we bring you into our community where you get mentored to earn through 5 powerful methods!


For intermediate writers




One-time fee

  • Become a certified SEO expert in one week or less, and join our community
  • Offer an essential writing service that boosts conversions and optimises websites for SERP
  • Master content marketing, off-page seo, on-page seo, technical seo, and so on
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For ALL writers




One-time fee

  • Become a certified professional writer in 2 weeks or less, and join our community
  • Master all the major forms of writing through the lenses of Creative writing
  • Learn ebook publishing, audiobook publishing, freelancing, pitching, affiliate marketing, copywriting, and so on
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For ALL writers




One-time fee

  • Become a certified copywriter in 2 weeks or less, and join our community
  • Offer an essential writing service that helps business owners skyrocket their sales
  • learn the secrets to persuasion, customer psychology, and earning as a freelance copywriter
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All our courses come with a certificate, lifetime membership, and earning opportunities. On completion of a course and required tests, you will earn a Cravinkminds certificate to help you stand out, and demonstrate your writing and marketing expertise.

The certificate will also help you increase your chances of getting clients

So, whether you are looking to learn writing and marketing for your personal or business growth, you will enjoy mind-blowing benefits from our membership training

What’s the guarantee I can make money from anything here?

Here are 5 ways you will be able to earn with us once you register for the membership training.

Freelancing: We will assist you & teach you how to earn as a freelancer. This helps you earn more from the comfort of your home, at your own terms.

Audio and ebook publishing: we will teach and guide you in completing your book projects & teach you how you can convert them to audio books to get more sales. This helps you make more money without having to work for anyone or carry out any special task

Monthly cash prizes: This helps you make money easily just by uploading your write-ups on our blog

Affiliate commission: You earn commissions by referring clients to our sellers. This makes it easier for you to get clients as a freelancer. It also helps you make more money easily without having to create products/services.

After going through all our membership training, we will offer you access to earn through any of the 5 methods above. It’s impossible to join our community and not earn through at least one of the methods.

Asides from these earning opportunities, we also post job requests on the community page to help you get faster access to job requests from our clients.

We will also mentor and guide you to help you grow and earn


How do you know you are a Good Fit For Our Membership Training...

   --- If you want to learn writing from a reliable company

If you want value for your money; unlike other courses that cost hundreds of dollars or costly monthly subscriptions, you are getting a High-quality, Bulky advanced course for an affordable fee

If you want to join a global community of writers and freelancers without paying monthly subscription fees and hidden charges

If you want to get a professional certificate to boost your online business

If you want to pursue a writing or digital marketing standard

If you want free updates and a course that's regularly updated to be at par with industry standards

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Do I need prior knowledge of anything
You only need to be able to understand English language. All our courses are taught in English.

What makes up the course?

Videos, PDF materials, and assessments

Do I need a computer to take the course?
No. You only need to have a Gmail address

Do I have to show up at a specific time?

Not at all. Our courses will be delivered to your Gmail address. And you can attend the classes whenever and wherever you want.

What if something changes in the industry?
You are covered. Our courses are always updated to keep up with industry trends

How do you support students?
We have a Telegram support chatroom for students. And we also use emails to follow up on students

P.S., Are you tired of struggling to grow a high-in-demand skill and make money online in 2022? Then register for any of our membership training, be a certified professional, join our community, start writing and earning!