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What kind of writeups are considered for the monthly cash awards?

Cravinkminds goal is to revive the effectiveness and love for writing among youths all over the globe . This is why Cravinkminds offers 5 profound opportunities for writers to make money online. 

And this is also why Cravinkminds offers a highly detailed and professional training to ensure that all writers can be equipped with everything they need to perfect their skill, enjoy their skill, and make money from it.

Among all the earning methods—freelancing, ebook publishing, audiobook publishing, affiliate commissions, and writing awards—the writing awards may be the easiest way to monetise your writing skills. 

So what type(s) of writing are considered for the award?

Cravinkminds awards the best piece of creative writing published on our blog. While you are allowed to publish writeups from other categories, only works of creative writing and content writing are eligible for the monthly cash prizes.

Works of content writing that are accepted must feature any of the follow keywords properly:

Freelance, freelancers, freelance website, website for writers, ebook publishing, audiobook publishing, or online bookstore

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