The undaunted hymn of the world,

Besieged and holding all in ransom,

The amusement caused the world,

Leaving the predator as a prey, in the hand of the prey.


Technology never fail,

Discoveries all happening in the cycle,

Researchers are all undaunted,

"Never can we be held down"

Name such things that can besiege our world?


Forgotten ye the world powers?,

It never crossed your heart of the 5 Bigs?,

Never heard they are topnotch in discoveries?,

Only takes a day or two for their unveiling prowess,

They are the predators that disturbs the prey.


Like a giant, with several logistics for war,

Unannounced like the acclaimed coming of the Saviour,

As an Eagle never announced her coming,

Before feeding on an just hatched chick,

So Besieged it the world, subjecting the predator to a prey.

The world powers all searching identity,

Like truth subjected to a strange land,

All strength at once lost,

Reducing the acclaimed Big to Small,

All at the sudden besieging of the prey.