Chapter 2

        (Angela's POV)

      When I finally made it out of the gate, it was getting close to midnight. I wish I had stayed till morning before leaving the house. But I knew I wouldn't have been able to leave in broad day light. I couldn't help but wonder about what was going to happen to my mom, when dad finds out that I left. I got to the bus stop in record time and from the way things look, I wouldn't be able to get any transportation. "Way to go Angela", I thought. Now, I have to walk down to my best friend's apartment which is about six miles away from my current location. I took out my cellphone with plans of calling my friend, when I bumped into something...... Or rather someone. "Oops, sorry I didn't see you there." I said. The stranger looks at me and smiles, "No worries lady", he replied. When I turned to leave, he grabbed my arm. "Not so fast pretty one, let's see what you've got in your bag." Then I noticed two other guys lurking around nearby. "Nothing much, just my cloths. Don't tell me you wear those." I said quickly to get them to loose interest in the content of my bag. "I didn't ask you to tell me what is in the bag, I told you to show me." He said, not buying my excuse. I was beginning to loose my patience with this guy. "And why would I do that?" I asked. " You would because I am asking nicely. You wouldn't want my buddies and I to get rough with you now pretty lady, would you?" At his last statement, the other guys started coming closer, backing me against a wall. "Look guys, you all can go your merry way and I might forget this actually happened." I said, trying to sound brave. "There's not much you can do, seeing that it's just one little you against the three of us. Just hand us the bag quietly and obediently and we might spare you." One of the other guys said. " I am not handing my bag to a bunch of losers, who have nothing to do than to threaten harmless passers-by like me in the middle of the night on deserted streets. I suggest you go get a life since you pretty much don't have any." I said. That did it for me because the next thing I felt was a sting on my cheek from the slap the first guy gave me. But that didn't stop me, it got me angrier. " Yeah, that's right, hit me, it seems to be all you can do, because hitting people weaker than yourself gives you lots of joy right? Come on, don't stop now that you've started or is that all you've got? You'll have to beat me to death before you get this bag.", I yelled at him. My words got them really angry because I was kicked to the floor and they all punched, slapped, kicked me and every other punishment they could give to the girl who had the guts to insult them, but I still clutched my bag tightly to myself. Releasing it would mean giving up and I am not one to give up easily, they just don't know that. Just as I was beginning to loose consciousness, I heard a car horn. At first, I thought my dad had realized that I was gone and he came after me but I heard a male voice and it didn't sound like dad's at all. All the while, I still had my arms around my bag protectively. Just as I saw the tip of a pair of shiny expensive shoes, I thought about how a person's shoes can still shine close to midnight,I lost consciousness. 

                          (Kehinde Adeyinka's point of view)

         The meeting took longer than expected. Looking at my wristwatch, I saw that it was almost midnight. My wife would be very worried by now, I was supposed to have been home hours ago. I was about to put a call through to her when I saw movement from my pheripheral view. I looked and saw three guys beating up WHAT? A GIRL? She looks really bloody and it doesn't look like they were planning to stop anytime soon, so I decided to intervene. I stopped the car and left the headlights on. I got out, moved closer and saw that the girl was loosing consciousness. I was very angry at the scene I was witnessing, I have never been a fan of a guy hitting a girl. "Hey! Didn't your mamas teach you not to lay hands on a girl?" I shouted. "This is none of your business old man, walk away." One of them said. "Why should I walk away when you're beating up my daughter? I could have you arrested for this." That seemed to stop them. They all turned to me. At first, I thought they were going to beat me up too but they just passed by me and made a run for it. I was relieved. I moved closer to where she curled up into a ball. She tried to lift her head but went unconscious instead. I checked to see if she still had a pulse, she did and that made me sigh in relief. I scooped her up and put her in the back seat of my car. I got into the driver's seat and checked the time again, it was past twelve in the midnight. I have a lot of explaining to do to my wife when I get home. Let's just hope she isn't too angry.