In solitude,

Amidst the wild of silence,

In the company of my breath,

I feel rescued.


Buried in my beautiful imaginations.

I am staying till I decay.

Till my flesh become sweet memories,

And my bones desired eternity.


In the depth of fantasies,

I can touch the mountain-like reach,

Unravel all wish,

Make the dull, pretty.


My thoughts are castles,

Great and high.

In there, 

I dwell in majesty.


I travel faster than air,

To places I haven't been,

For the sake of passion,

For the love of realization.


Before I am awoken from this perfect picture,

Before the morning comes to steal my dreams away,

Before reality holds me in its capture,

Before my very resurrection,

Let me reside,


In the measure of times,

In this place of escape.