In days and month of life ,
Our ancestors were taught to write;
Converted to foreign  thought and ways,
Creating a better life for us, they say.

Fruitful emancipation from thorny days.
A barbaric and backwards life and ways.
Even after we're civilised in days,
Will that change our colour and taste.

After our liberation from them,
Yet, we still depend on them,
Making our ruler, their subject.
Impoverish our nation and tent.

Even though capitalism was enforce on us,
Should that kill us in all,
After our leaders has bastardized our resources,
Making our labour go in vain,
Parading our land in their Mercedes-Benz,
Leaving us in poverty and loss.

We'll surely restore our land,
Killing all its persecutors,
Defaming all  enslaver,
Relieve our land from poverty and stain.
A nation our future could die for.

© Adesunwon HB