Chapter 3 continues

                (Angela's POV)

"That is very noble of you. But why architecture? With your father's businesses, I was thinking you would want to study something business related", he asked. "I know it seems strange. I didn't choose it to spite my dad, if that is what you're thinking. I chose architecture because I have always liked construction and building plans since I was a child, so I decided to fulfil my dreams of getting a degree in architecture even if I know that I would have to work with my dad after school. Atleast in future, I might get the opportunity to be an architect. I don't think Dad would want me in his company now that I left his house, not that I would miss it. My only hope is that he doesn't beat my mom to death when he finds out that I left", I replied. "Shouldn't you have considered that before leaving?", She asked. "I did. But I thought that if I stayed, we'd be reduced to living that horrible life for a very long time. Why not just summon the courage and take a step now?", I replied. She smiled and said, "Interesting view". They were interrupted by their oldest daughter. She said, "Mom, dad, you've asked enough questions, let her eat", she turned to me and said, " I am Hannah by the way, my immediate younger sister sitting right beside me is Rita while the one sitting beside you is the youngest, her name is Joy. I am also a student of the University of Lagos, studying law, I am in my final year and I am twenty-five years old. Welcome to our home". "I am twenty-one years old and it is really nice to meet you", I replied with a small smile. "We are sorry we didn't let you enjoy your food, we were just curious. Eat your food now child. As time goes on, we'd fill you in on everything you need to know and vise versa. My name is Kehinde Adeyinka and my wife is Grace", he said. "Thank you very much for letting me stay here for a while, I'd be out of your hair soon enough", I replied. They let you eat in silence but I could feel Rita and Joy watching my every move. They still haven't said a word and I didn't know how they felt about my stay in their house. I didn’t want to be a bother to anyone. When I finished eating, Mrs Adeyinka gave me Panadol tablets for the pain. I felt awkward just sitting there, not knowing what to do. They were all staring at me and it made me uncomfortable. Fortunately, Mr Adeyinka broke the silence. "So, if hypothetically, you leave, where would you go?, He asked. I replied, "I was planned to stay with a friend. She lives alone not too far from school and she agreed to let me move in with her temporarily. I was on my way to her apartment when I was ambushed by those thugs". "Don't you think your friend's place is the first place your father is going to check when he finds out that you ran away?", He asked and my eyes widened. "Oh, that's true. I really didn't think of that. Thank you for pointing that out sir. Where would I go now? So being beaten turned out to be a blessing in disguise?, I asked no one in particular. "You can stay here though, that is if you want", he said. "Oh no, I really don't want to be a bother to your family sir", I said. He raised an eyebrow in amusement, "Who said you'd be a bother? We have enough room in the house as it is. Besides, studying architecture is going to work in your favor as well as mine" "Huh? What do you mean?" I asked. "I am an architect myself. I own a construction company. The reason why I happened to pass by your area last night was because I was called from the office at the last minute that I got a contract I have been bidding for, for months now.  The man wanted to meet with me immediately because because he wasn't going to be around for a while and he wanted us to discuss the details of the building plan before he leaves", he said. "I still don't understand how that works in my favor", I said. "You see, I need a secretary and I want to hire one that has atleast a little knowledge of architecture since there isn't enough time to teach someone the ropes for now. You don't have your degree yet so why not come work for me in my company and while you're there, you'd get a hang of it and you'd already have the experience so you'd know what you're getting into once you graduate?" He asked. "I don't know. Why are you suddenly in need of a secretary with architectural knowledge? From what you I gather, you didn't have one before and it was never a problem, so why now? Are you doing this because you pity me?" I asked. "Let's get one thing straight here young lady, I do not pity you. This project is a very big one and this time around, I want to be on site to monitor how things go. I'd need someone who would come with me and jot things down to make it easy and I cannot be at the site working and doing the jotting and filing at the same time" " Don't you have someone who call fill in already?" I asked. " Of course I do. But the company has other major projects we're handling and we need more people to fill in. Everybody already has their hands full", he replied. "I still don't know" I do not know why I am hesitant. He looks exasperated by now. "Look, just see your salary as your tuition fee. You won't need to drop out of school and you'd be able to graduate and get a better job later. This way, you can save up quickly, get a better place and move your mom away from your dad. Isn't that the major reason why you're doing all these?", He asked. "Yes it is. Ok, I'd work for you, but on a few conditions", I said. "I knew you'd have conditions. Let's hear them", he replied and smiled. I smiled back then stated, "No preferential treatments, my salary should be the the same as the one you pay other temps, and I want total discretion. I don't want anybody finding out who I am. I cannot risk my dad finding me yet" "Is that all?", He asked. "For now", I replied. "Then let's shake hands to the new deal" he stretched out his hand and I took it and we both broke into a wide grin. " Now that it's settled, you need to go back to your room to rest my dear. I want you totally healed and back to your feet in no time", Mrs Adeyinka said. "Thank you very much sir, ma, I really appreciate your help. I pray Almighty God repays you countlessly", I prayed. "Amen", they said together. As I made my way upstairs, I heared footsteps behind me and I turned to see who it was. The two youngest girls were making their way towards me. "We just wanted you to know that it was really brave of you to leave all the wealth your dad has to offer, for uncertainty, for you and your mom to be free", Rita said. "I admire you and I would like for us to be friends", Joy said. "Really?", I asked because I couldn't believe it. "Sure. I am also twenty-one years. I just got admitted into the University of Port Harcourt. I'd be leaving as soon as school resumes. I am going to be studying economics", Rita proudly stated. "Why didn't you choose somewhere closer?" I asked. "I wanted a change of scenery and I wanted to leave my comfort zone for a while" she replied. "I admire that", I said. "I'm nineteen. I haven't gotten in yet but I believe next year is my year. I want to be a psychologist like my mom", Joy said. "Your mom is a psychologist?" I asked in surprise and they both nodded. "Wow you're all intellectuals in your family. I wish mine was more like yours", I added and Rita placed an apologetic hand on my shoulder. She said, "Everything is going to be fine" "I hope to God that you're right. I continued towards the room I was given and the girls came in with me. We continued to chat until I fell asleep. I am so grateful to God for how things turned out. Could life really be this easy? That is something I'm going to find out soon.