The city of hope,
Where tranquility is upheld with faith,
Filled with love and joy, 
Determined efforts never fade.

The city of love, 
Where brotherhood begets its origin,
And community unites with all reasons,
Division is never at peace within them.

The City of light,
Where our ancestors purified our with light, 
The city our priests atoned for our sins then, pray,
Preaching love to "our neighbors"  with piety.

The city of hope,
Where our heroes fought with their hearts,
Never give up was their watchword,
Victory was their alias, 
Warlords were what we can call them.

Even though, we knew little of them,
Coming to earth after their biography,
Taught about their legendary wars, sacrifices and actions,
Instilling hope of greatness in us.

The City of Hope, Love, Light,
 the agitation of our legends...
In sweats, tears, blood and might. forever we soar higher the name!
Just for the city to be ... Hopeful, enlightened and loving.

© Adesunwon HB