Dysfunctional, distorted, disorganized

This world, our thoughts, our lives

Turn your gaze away from the thing you chase

And take the mask off, let the light of day

Reach your eyes, clear the dust away

Off of your eyes and out of your mind.




Disheartened, dismayed, disgraced

By people we love and hate.

Reach deep within you and grab hold

Of the fragile thing beneath breast bone

Wrap your hands around it, draw it close

And comfort it the way only you know.




And if you cannot empathize with

The fragile thing. If you cannot console it,

If you you refuse to turn your gaze away

To rip the mask off your face

And embrace the light of day,

If you cannot do these things,

My dear, you will never truly live.




Dysfunctional, distorted, disorganized

Disheartened, dismayed, disgraced,

Disillusioned, delusional, deranged,

This world, our thoughts, our lives.

From the day of birth till the day we die.


© Curiousloi