Adventures of a long night

When a blue moon graced the sky

And sleep evaded the eyes

Of a wide-eyed little child.



On a sea of green, whispering winds 

Caressed soft skin, brown eyes fixed

On the unfolding scene—

Shadowy figures huddled beneath a tree.



And above, glimmering dots of light

A dozen billion more out of sight

Out of sight of the curious brown eyes

Fixated on the strange sight.



Shadowy figures whispering 

Murmuring, muttering, chanting,

Breaking the silence, disturbing

The hush of the night. Suddenly, turning



As one to train their gazes on the child.

"How earnestly you watch! Why—

Is your stare so bright?

What secrets did you learn tonight?



Murmuring, muttering, chanting,

Rustling, whistling, rambling,

Creaking, whispering, crackling,

Groaning, chirping, howling!



The bright-eyed child replied

With a gap-toothed smile.

"You ought to be scared!" The shadows cried.

"Such sounds at night should scare a child!"



Before the child could reply

There came a brilliant beam of light

Engulfing the shadows and lighting up the sky

In beauty and brilliance and bright!



He squeezed his eyes tight

And when he felt it had dimmed

He blinked them back open again

And met his mother's narrowed eyes.



"Benjamin, stop sneaking out at night!"

Finger and thumb on his ear pinched tight

A tug, a pull, a sharp cry:

"Mother, dear mother. I apologize!"



When another blue moon graces the sky

And sleep evades the eyes of yet another child

What will they hear? What will they see?

Whistling winds? Glimmering green seas? 



Or will they remain beneath their warm sheets

And proceed to count sheep: 1, 2, 3...

Until they find sleep? Until they catch dreams?

With shadowy figures huddling beneath towering trees?


© Curiousloi