Although, you think I'm filth,
With no ambition or faith,
Who moves around as a ship wrecked in the depth of the ocean,
With no captain to pilot her ambition,
But, I can be better.

My dreams, vision, and life are not same as yours,
Though my life is in shambles, you'll scorn,
With no friends, husband, kids, coupled with failure in academics. 
Money have gone skipping from my pocket.
While you swim in the benevolence of mystery,
I commune with the indigene  of the night,
Maybe, just maybe, that's why you thought me unworthy of your company.
Yet I can be better.

All my actions are not bleak as you say,
Just because you refused to see me as a worthy opponent doesn't mean I'm not.
Let me remind you quickly,
Never judge a book by its cover they'll say,
You've judged me wrongly,
Even without a peak at the book,
This book, this so unholy book,
Have turned out to be the most fascinating book ever.

Who says the judge is better than I am?
I stand as an advocate soliciting that i can be better.
I congratulate you on your insensitivity to the truth,
You think I'm emaciated to the bones?
Stoop a little and you'll see the truth.

I can be better even though you think I'm unworthy,
I can be better though the world doesn't think so,
I am better than my yesterday, no doubt.
I see the light of my dreams which tells me I'm better,
I can be better cause I choose to stand tall in the midst of obstacles.
I do not choose to remain in the dark cause am better than it seems I am.

Yes, I've messed up,
I'm not on the ground,
I'm willing to rise and take the bull by the horn,
This is not my last fight of hope,
The race has only begun,
I can be better,
I am better,
I will be the best.
Never despise the days of little beginning. 

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