"What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though". J.D Salinger. The world of literature hands over to writers the correct spectacle to life that comes with different interpretation. This is a great avalanche of mystery, that sciences and other science related subjects could not unravel. Without being subjected to criticism literature accords writers an open-ended means of expression. Thoughts and imagination of a writer, which when critically examined is like an atomic Bomb, which when detonated, though illusory, is capable of dislocating and cause an unplanned and irresistible reactions in the readers. In the world of Science an accurate theory, though subjected to criticism by literature is that "everything that occupies space and has weight is matter" but in the world of literature, writers and literary scholars are of the opinion that " thought and imaginations are also a broad categorization of matter, which science left uncategorised. The reason behind such claims posited by literature is that a writer's "thoughts and imagination", when they are read in the physical world, are capable of dislocating the so called "matter" opined by the world of science. A writer's thought and imagination is capable of prompting an action or a reaction in the so called matter, though an illusory phenomenal a writer's thought and imagination may be. No doubt, any work of literature can be multifaceted – it can mar or make a situation. it is capable of building up and tearing apart. In Wole Soyinka's " Death and the king's horseman", the thought and imagination of Wole Soyinka, came as a matter which raised the subject matter of "Cultural Exorcism". Cultural Exorcism is a term which Wole Soyinka artistically deployed – a concept that aims at driving out foreign culture on the Land of the Yorubas, especially the Oyo Empire. The imagination of Wole Soyinka, presented as Olunde I.e a subject that depicts the loyalty of the Yoruba's to their culture, triggers an action in the readers, which is a pointer that our Culture and Tradition matters a lot. As a writer, you have gotten a sharp device and an artistic ability of making your thoughts and imagination a matter, for dislocating, triggering, for causing actions and reactions in your readers but your thoughts and imaginations, though illusory, then becomes classification of matter which sciences forgot to give.