Girl only dreamt of the white dress.

Seeing it always brings her happiness.

So close to her skin is the best caress.

One day the dress will she for real possess.

She wants a union.


Maybe not a white dress.

Most couples are going transitional these days.

The adornment of the bride's body wrapped in "asọ oke" or lace "ìró" and "bùbá", the head gear arranged in steps so high.

The neck costumed in Coral beads and the ears drawn down by the weight of the bead earrings is a sight to take into the finish.

And her nails coated in a shade of wine polish obstructs vision.

She visualized it big, an elaborate occasion of just a day.

She wants a union.


Girl pictured her legs in heels.

They'd fit perfectly to her feet.

Gold or silver, anything shining deep.

She imagined herself walking in it. Gracefully like someone counted worthy by God to be part of the sheep.

All night long she with the picture on her mind sinks deep in sleep.

She wants a union.


Nigerian ladies are known for their enchanting make-up.

There are different types to put on.

The bridal make-up is the most breathtaking of them all.

Her face'd be a perfect house for the touch.

In it she'd look like a fallen sun.

She wants a union.


"Yes I do", those words escaped her breath right in her head.

Walking down the aisle to meet the man she would spend the remaining days of her life with, both worse and best.

In front of many eye witnesses.

With the power bestowed on the person to seal the man and wife.

Just so she imagined herself in the scene set.

She wants a union.


Escaping from her thoughts of always, she is granted to see each day.

Came one day those desires of the past resurfaced in her heart.

She pictured the event again but this time in simplicity.

There she saw herself in the scene.

Her body in a bridal attire of an unknown color.

Her face in that bridal make-up, one of a gentle nature.

Her neck and ears were captioned to illuminate.

And her nails never stop giving life to her hands.

Her legs were fashioned with heels of an undefined type that shouted splendor.

She imagined herself walking down the aisle but this time in front of witnesses that matters the most. The originator of marriage inclusive (he is never away).

Face to face with her forever partner. In front of the one bestowed to seal the cord of love. In reply to make a promise of a vow that is to last forever. The words again paved it way out of her mouth in awe ecstasy;

"Yes I do"!


Back from her Imaginations. 

She finally concluded on what her heart really desires.

She said to herself,

"Yes, I want a union"!