Hell, hellfire, fiery pit -
Home to the thieves,
Home to the murderers,
Home to the liars.

Hitler would surely be there.
Oh! Hitler, the nightmarish nightmare
Who loved to see blood flow.
He'd love the reddish glow.

I am no Hitler,
But sometimes I lie.
I am no Stalin,
But I am sometimes mean.

Yet to Hell, we're both condemned -
Hitler and I - to be damned.
The preacher says Hell's for all sinners,
But how can one Hell be for all sinners?

I have sinned many a sin
And I'll still do many a thing.
I'd never be Hitler,
But we share the title ‘Sinner’.

Hell! We might even sit together,
Or crawl, or kneel - whatever the culture there.
Hitler would boast of his wondrous monstrosity.
I would whisper ‘I lied’ quietly.

Hitler would laugh out loud in hell.
Hell-ians would ask, ‘Pray tell.’
‘I lied for more allowance
And I was a nuisance.’

Hitler killed and I lied.
But it's the same Hell for Hitler and I.