It's like a chemical reaction
That comes with unintended reactions.
The outcome of our life
Is reflected in our actions!

At childhood we exhibit lots of folly-
A missing bolt to be screwed back 
In our thinking faculty. 
You think it's a joke; but life isn't funny!

At adolescence we crave for mere
 things to make us happy;
Youthful exuberance,  juvenile delinquency.
But to us it's a sign of Maturity!

At adulthood we gain back our sanity.
Though some lose it to life of un-chastity
We are haunted by our past and wrong choices;
Then like a lost sheep we cry out for Mercy.

Growing up comes with responsibilities,
It's like a camel through the eye of a needle.
Only the brave can survive with much struggle,
A stitch in time saves nine!

© Ogbe Felicity Ojochogwu