Rolling a monstrous block of earth

Uphill perched upon my back and when

I finally reach the top!

Downhill again, it'll roll, back to earth

Crush my back, steal my breath

Heft it upon my shoulder, roll it up again



Because it's all I know to do,

All I've been instructed to

Take the rock to the top! (They said!)

Even though it'll only roll down again.

It's my fate, the way I spend my days

Slaving away day after day after day.



This rock, this block of earth

Is my blood, my sweat and my tears

It's my life! It's our life! (Hear, hear!)

It's pain and suffering through the years

Heavy weights on our shoulders we bear

Day after day, year after year.



And our only hope of rest

Is an endless slumber, a peaceful death

Take the rock to top! (They said!)

And when we do, for a moment

Before it falls down again

Let the cool mountain air kiss your skin.



Relish the flowery scent it brings

Watch the fluffy clouds swim 

Across the sky! (Beautiful scene, isn't it?)

And the wildflowers flourish in the afternoon heat

And the beasts splashing in the lake, drying in the breeze.

For a moment, watch it.



The thing that makes you lift the

Rocks, our burdens, heavy blocks of earth

Onto our shoulders. Take the rock to the top!

They'll say and we do it again and again

Because of the scene, because of the thing

We anticipate, the thing we long to see.



Even though we know

It'll only roll

Down once more. (A curse!)

Crush our backs, steal our breath

Make us bleed, cry and sweat.

We heft it upon our shoulders and roll it up again.


© Curiousloi