The deep is a double edged sword, beware!

As you stand by the cliff and stare

At the river beneath; admire the ripples and rapids,

Do not be blinded by the alluring sight

Of her dull edge, because beneath lies

Razor sharp crags and crevices, jagged peaks

That lie in wait of your descent.



Before you go off the deep end 

Have you raised your head

To inhale a deep breath off air

And glimpse the light of day?

Pause, my friend, for a moment

And shake away the dark thoughts crowding your head.



Turn your eyes away from the deep.

Turn your eyes towards the sun and seek

Her brightness, embrace her warmth.

Pause, my friend, for a moment,

What lured you here?

Surely, not life! Only death!



Is that truly what you seek?

An endless, slumber, a tranquil peace?

A life cut short before it is even lived.

Before you go off the deep end,

Turn your eyes away from the scenes

That lured you here, your ears

From the sounds that caused heartache,

Your mind from the thoughts that fill you with hate,

With sadness, with pain; the thoughts that led you here today.



Remember, instead, the days

Devoid of pain and the way

You felt and the people with whom

You shared those moments or were you

Alone? In your head, in your world—

Doing the things you loved?

Do you recall? And now look to the deep,

Is she really what you seek?



Stop, my friend, for a moment.

Breathe. What do you really seek?

A live cut short? A painful end?

A listening ear? A parent? A sibling? A friend?

Or is it the things you loved to do?

The you before the world interfered?

Before the sounds and the scenes?

And the doubt and the pain and the fear?



Stop, my friend, for a moment.

You can go back there.

Step away from the edge

From the death that awaits you there

Turn away from the deep.

Breathe, live.

Go and find what you truly seek.


© Curiousloi