On the First day of September
It was a cold rainy day; 
The trees wave thier branches like the tall Eden grasses. 
with a shushing, swishing, shuffling sound
The rustling leaves fell to the ground.
The leaves were like the whispering audience;
and sang melodies like the sound of the trumpets 

The tiny breeding frogs are singing 
In ponds and drains and streams around.
Their croaking voices are heard from afar like the 
Jingling sound of the sleigh bells.

Men and women are found in the city 
Scampering for a shelter to hide in.
With the pitter patter sound of the rain.
Raincoats and umbrellas for a shield 
Forming a beautiful colour of the rainbow!

It's a time of the summer and spring,
While babies hide from lighting and thunder;
A Month that brings the warmth of the Ember,
It's a September to Remember!

©Ogbe Felicity Ojochogwu