Secret Lies

The thin little man with doth,
Which I seek in advice and thought,
When you grow old dear boy, he said,
Never bringeth your trust in man.

Little did I know about his tale,
Though folklores and myth weren't his taste,
Even if we're trapped in a few lines,
Still the secret lies were hidden from us.

So the days are over, he said.
Yet our life were dangling in the air,
Even if we could see through his,
Yet our id is lost in ego.

Though a shameful decision we made,
Yet our past had been nailed.
Indeed a negligible portion was erased, 
Still, our heart are filled with pains.

After all journey of advensure,
Yet, we're still full of doubt,
Whether we've filled the gap,
Left behind the scenes of life.

@Adesunwon HB