Two days ago, I took a book from my e-library.

It was one of the Copywriting books I bought…

I began to read…

And I came across something that I have promised to share.

I have never heard, learn or read it somewhere,

Recently, I read it in a book.

And I want to share with you.

Probably, you might also not have heard it or read it before.

What is the thing?

The thing is …

Three Kinds of Copy to Avoid

Do you wish to know these three kinds of copy you should avoid?

Here they are 👇

1. Poetic Copy

Do not apply a poetic word in your copy, though poetic word is about purging out emotions, but it doesn't resonate your audience to buy from you.

Poetic Copy will only entertain your audience when reading …

It doesn't help your audience to act.

2. Affected Copy

This kind of copy sounds as if it was written by a scholar.

Because it will only get your audience confused with big grammars and extravagant phrases.

Copywriting is not about big grammar…

It is about writing simply and clearly that even a 5-year-old child could understand.

3. Unbelievable Copy

Unbelievable Copy sucks. 

Word Exaggeration should not be an element of a better copy.

Write your copy in a way that your audience can believe you, starting from your headline, subheading, body copy and others.

 Believability is one of the keys of converted copy.

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