‘My writing sucks, I’m a bad writer'


You probably are like me when I first started writing. After I had written a piece, I will tear it up because I feel that it’s not worth posting.

But, wait a minute. Whoever told you that you could not write content that can sell. Yes, I mean content that will pay your bills.

Every professional writer started as a beginner. So you can as long as there is an idea or information you have to pass across.

Writing doesn’t necessarily have to be some big topic. It could be about your experience during the day or some childhood memories. Someone out there is itching to hear from you!

Your writing can make you money if only you can start. This write-up is not about that, some other time.

Follow these tips and you would be surprised to find out that you have a gold mine inside of you while you’re languishing in penury.


Find a place and time to write, it helps to give you needed concentration.

Always write, take it as a norm like your house chores.

Practice always builds your confidence. Don’t go a day without writing. Always go out with a Potter and pen. Ideas can come at any time. I practically sleep with a book and pen beside my bed.

You can get ideas about writing from everything around like in the bus, supermarkets, Mall, salons, the media

Write about what you know and even if don't know about a topic, do research.

Don't throw your write-up away. keep it till the next day even if you think it's rubbish.

You can write just about anything like your everyday experience, your childhood, or a group discussion you had.

Always write down your ideas.

Pick a niche, that is an area where you flow very. For example, if you can talk about relationships. Write about it. There’s nothing wrong with doing research.

When you write, do it as if you are talking with someone in front of you.

Reading also helps you to write well, always read.