Last time we learn how to write the number ten, 十 This time I will talk about another simple two-stroke Traditional Chinese character, the number seven, 七.    How to write seven  First stroke Start with writing the horizontal stroke, just like how the number ten is written, as shown below.  Apply the left to right writing rule nicely and you are done. Second stroke The second stroke is a little bit different this time.  A new stroke type, the vertical and then turn right stroke is needed.  Start the stroke from the top vertically – apply the top to bottom writing rule.  At the bottom, do not stop.  Instead, turn right and continue horizontally applying the left to right rule.  Finish the stroke when its end is at about the same vertical position of the first stroke, as shown in the diagram below.  Do not worry about the small bit that sticks up at the end of the stroke. It is more of a calligraphy thing than a day-to-day writing practice.   Here we go.  This is a number ten, 七 in Traditional Chinese. Simple enough?  I will go through another one soon.  In the meantime, happy practising!  Thank you for reading.