It is no longer "ours",

No longer collectives,

"Possesives", aren't the best,

To describe the meagering days,

Of a dying world that is now apart.


"We" no longer a good attributive,

"Us" is a demeaning word,

In the ears, and it echoes insecurity,

"All of us", is an absurdity,

In the perception of the world now apart.


It was not as if it all started as it is now,

The memory, instills in us,

A nostalgia, that no one can satisfy,

But only can be lurred to an unending sleep,

Only if there were no longer a world becoming apart.


"Defiling" is a thing of honour,

Only when a consensus is reached,

On a bed only laid at marriage,

Two cannot meet to talk, only at marriage,

"Rape", at the world apart, not a barrier.


Democracy never occurred as an ambition,

To harmass wealth,

Primarily for service,

As it was Abrahamised as,

" Of the people, for the people and by the people ".


No longer is it a collectivism,

As the world apart, no longer accord such,

With a quest to be known and gather wealth?,

An undying zeal to gather for generation in the ovary?,

Democracy then, is a safe adventure, our world is apart!