â€”LuSt At FiRsT SiGhT—

He walked past her who was so fair,

Her contour curved and was so slur'd,

Her conical hills before and hind,

Were so much thick an'dangled still,

So he couldn't think, he grew so thick,

And all he could feel was desire to feel,

So he threw her jabs of sugary words,

That pierced her hard and won her heart.

They called it love, so mixed body parts,

Without the ring, yet they went so deep,

Until a seed was sown within her deep.

But a look from far unveils the seal,

T'was lust at first sight, love so unreal.

She stood so far but licked his heart,

A man so man amongst the men,

It cought her heart a honey to have,

So she tried so hard in soft advance,

And went so soft and had him hard,

Then hand-in-hand they went so far,

By mixing fluids without mixing hearts,

T'was a flesh in flesh but souls apart,

So when pleasure was fully at heart,

Something went bad they broke apart,

So we asked from afar if this was love?

But this truth hits hard on face of lust,

For what they had was an unreal love,

Framed so well, but it's lust at first sight.