We have gone through some Traditional Chinese characters for a few numbers of various number of strokes. They are not complicated as you could have seen from the articles. The Traditional Chinese character for number nine, 九 is the subject this time.

It is a simple Chinese character with only two strokes. It is simple but it is not that simple as the second stroke is a bit more complex in structure. It is still an easy-to-learn character though. Let’s get straight on to it now.

How to write this simple Chinese character
The first stroke of the Traditional Chinese character meaning number nine

The first stroke
The Traditional Chinese character meaning number nine
The second and last stroke

The first step is to write a falling leftwards stroke. The stroke starts from the top and falls leftwards until it reaches the bottom to end.

It becomes now:

The second and last stroke is a new type of stroke, horizontal and then turn downwards followed by a falling rightwards and finishes with a small “hook” upward. Sounds daunting? Simply follow and write a few times, anyone can master it.

So here is the Traditional Chinese character, 九.

The same writing rules apply — from top to bottom and from left to right.

No new techniques essentially but a new type of stroke and a new character. It is always important to master the basics and build a solid foundation gradually. More Traditional Chinese characters can be learnt quickly with a firm grasp of the basic.

Thanks for reading. I will go through another useful simple Traditional Chinese character next time. I encourage you to keep practising in the meantime before the next post comes.