Last time, we wrote the character, 九. We have gone through the Traditional Chinese characters of some of the numbers from one to ten of various number of strokes now. We will go through the rest in the coming few articles. The subject of this time is the Traditional Chinese character for number six, 六.

It is a simple Chinese character with four pretty simple strokes that we have used in previous articles.

How to write this simple Chinese character

The first stroke is a simple dot. So, it looks like this:

the first stroke of Traditional Chinese character number six
The first stroke — dot

The second stroke is a horizontal stroke that we have used a lot of time. With the second stroke, it becomes:

The first two strokes of Traditional Chinese character number six
The second stroke

The third stroke is a falling leftwards stroke. The stroke starts from the top and falls leftwards until it reaches the bottom to end.

The third stroke

To finish, the fourth and last stroke is again a dot.

The fourth stroke

Here is the Traditional Chinese character, 六.

There are more strokes but they are all simple ones. It is an easy to write Traditional Chinese character.

So, you learn one more, with ease.

Thanks for reading. I will go through another simple Traditional Chinese character of a number next time. I encourage you to keep practising in the meantime before the next post comes.