Have I not so much courage to let go!

Yet I admire those who did


On the part I walk my emotions are trampled upon like a foot would on an ant.

Still I keep mute.

I swim in the pool of just me.

Fitting in is a blurry scene.

I feed on doubt like it's the only food


The Uncertainty I face is a tree

planted by the streams of water.


I could struggle to escape but day

and night I hear stories of those who

saw it through to the end.

"It's rewarding," they say!

Maybe I want to see it through too…

I do…


Can my eyes be closed at the

success of others who walked a

different part?


I see them in faces as bright as the

afternoon sky,

Their freedom is unfathomable.

How well they are living!

Have I the courage to turn back?


I'm in the middle of the road and all

left of me a comfort is "maybe all

are never meant to walk a part.

This is where I choose to keep


Patience patience, it's rewarding"!