If night could persist for long

Only then can my body be granted rest

from life's stress.

I so much envy the calmness of the

evening breeze

Though moving yet peaceful.

I admire the afternoon silent sky

In it is the hot sun but does it ever cry of heat!

As strong as the wind blows

The leaves never lose their ground

of dancing gently to its tunes.

Even to the things given no life to

move but forced to,

Like the curtain in my room,

Doesn't violently but carefully.

I watched how it maintained its

tranquility though under the

influence of the diffused air.

Can I be like the mentioned?

I keep admiring and aspiring,

When I try to imitate them, 

I fail!

But if night could really persist for long..

Only then can I get a measure of

peace I desire.

Then I can hide away from life's stress

If not forever

But for distant times.