In search of happiness,

I found you.

As I caught sight of your eyes,

I realized 

I can only be a star 

in your sky.


On the lane of peace.

Peace peace is what I want

to get pleased.

I walked tirelessly with the thought, 

"It's either peace or eternal sleep."

Yes you are again, there, at the end

of the lane.

With you I can stay awake for as

long as time exists.


I haven't had enough, I desire more!

My head down, my legs dragging. 

"for how long 

must I search for true love!"

I long for love as boundless as the size

of the universe.

"Is there?

Can I find one?"

I thought I had seen it all.

"I know it all!"

It's over! Hope is lost.

But just at the cliff of giving up, 

you showed up there again and

made me feel alive again.

You are my love.

I'm in awe.

What could be greater than this?

Oh you are the depth of all I want from life.

Even far greater than the imaginable!