Love comes with strong feelings and affection for something or somebody, usually between oneself, two or more person. Love occurs in oneself when we talk about self love. There are so many instances of love in relationships. Examples are between God and Man (Agape love), Husband and Wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, and even parent and child. However, did you know? That the word “LOVE” affects us in these four ways through this mnemonic.

L – Life                                     O – Obligation                                        V – Voice                                           E – Emotion

·        L – Life: The fact that you are alive and active today is because you love or are being loved by someone. One way or the other “LOVE” affects your life. The following are ways “LOVE” affects our life:

A.    Physically: Love affects your physical life as your body is connected to love. And when we talk about body here, we mean physical appearance, fitness, and healthiness. Because you love or you are being loved; it will affect and show in your life physically through your appearance (dressing, hair cut, etc.), physical fitness and health (work outs, gym, healthy living, etc.)

Examples are: God and man – There is a way you appear and dress before God, because you love him and He loves you too.

Husband and Wife – Wearing of the marriage ring (the symbol), putting on same type and pattern of clothes and having physical hygiene and healthiness. All because you love your spouse.

B.    Financially: “Money answers all things”. If you claim to love someone, then you must be ready to spend and help such a person financially. Therefore, one way or the other, Love affects your money and financial life. Examples are:

God and man – God can provide for you financially up in return you pay tithes and offerings to him. You do all these because you love God / Husband and Wife – All in the name of love. The wife (helper) will support and help the family financially and the husband (breadwinner) will provide the needs of his house hold out of love /

Parent and child – Since you gave birth to that child and because you love him/her, it is then the responsibility of the parents to help the child financially (school fees, clothing, feeding etc.)

C.     Spiritually: Love is connected to your human spirit. It has spiritual backup. “The spiritual controls the physical”, the saying goes. Therefore, your love for one another is backed up spiritually except if your love is deceit (lies). Examples are:

God and man – The reason why we pray to God is because the love between man and God is spiritual

Husband and Wife – Your love with your spouse affects your spiritual life either for good or bad.

·        O – Obligation: Love affects your duties and obligation as a person. One can say that obligation is a duty which one must do, because you have promised to do such. Therefore, because you love someone, you obliged to do some certain duties to enhance your relationship which includes:

A.    Caring and helping: The two parties that love each other now have the duty or obligation to take good care of each other and help one another financially, sexually, morally etc. E.g. the love between Husband and Wife (sexually), Parents and child (care for them) etc.

B.    Communication: Since you have professed love and love each other, then you have the duty to communicate with each other very often. A relationship that lacks proper and adequate communication will not last long. E.g The love between God and man, Husband and wives, etc.

C.     Teaching and correction: Hey, Bro/Sis, did I tell you that you cannot get Mr. /Mrs. Perfect? No one is perfect except God. Therefore, we must teach those we love and loved us what we know or think is right and what they should know. In essence, in every relationship you must be ready to unlearn, learn, and relearn from your partner. It is a must and duty for you to correct your partner if s/he is doing wrong. Examples are: Parent and child (teach morals, correct, scold etc.), God and man (teach through the Bible) etc.

·         V – Voice: Voice is the sound produced with the aid of the mouth. Each other’s voice must be heard in a relationship of love. In essence, your voice stands out in every decision you take or make with your partner and it equates to giving your consent on issues surrounding your relationship. Love affects your voice or rather the way you speak and dictates what you say. The following are the ways love affects your voice either for good or bad.

A.    Affirmation, confirmation or rejection: Before you go into any relationship there must be either affirmation, confirmation, or rejection. Hey sis/bro, how do you feel when that guy/lady asks you the polar questions like “Will you marry me?”, “Do you love me” And if truly you love him/her; then your answer will be “Yes”, and if it is the other wise, your answer will be “No”. What this means is that your voice either confirm, affirm, or reject by answering Yes/No.

Also, at the wedding ceremony, you will be asked during the marriage vow:

“Bro X, do you take Sis Y as your lawful wedded wife to care and love…with all your heart…in rain, sun, sickness, Joy…”

Again, if you truly love your partner, your answer will be “Yes, I do”. All these shows that your love affects your voice because at some point in life you had the choice to say Yes/No.

B.    Taming the tongue: There are different types of voices – soft, loud, quiet, deep, pleasant etc. In a relationship, there are times you use these types of voices to one another. There is the time to voice-out and the time not to. Examples:

Husband and Wife – In a quarrel between both, one if the two has to soak in a soft or quiet voice or rather keep mute in order for peace to reign.

Parent and child – There is a way the parents will discuss sensitive and important issues with their children (using either deep/soft/ loud voice, etc.)

God and man – The way we hear and we speak to God especially during prayers.

C.     Communication: In every relationship of love, the voice of both parties must be heard. This will enhance their communication with one another. Therefore, your love affects with voice in the way you discuss to the person you love and your loved ones

·        E – Emotion: Finally, emotion is what I call the nucleus or heartbeat of LOVE. Type of emotion we are saying is that of love, because there are different types if emotion or feeling (fear, anger, hatred etc.). Emotion, however, is a strong feeling you have for something or somebody. Love affects our emotion as a person and without it love is incomplete. This is because love comes with emotion.

Take for instance, the lady that her boyfriend just broke up with her, and she began to feel remorseful and thinking to the extent that she could not eat, sleep, and even talk to anybody. All she could do is to think about her boyfriend who just broke up with her. So, you see one way or the other Love affects our emotion either for good or bad. Examples:

God and man – The emotion of love that God has for everyman becomes what we call Agape love and it is as a result of the feelings God has for us.

Husband and Wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, parents and the children etc.

From the foregoing, one can draw a line of argument that love affects our life, our duties and obligation, our voice (the way we speak), and lastly our emotions. So, all these things discussed above cuts across every type of love relationship be it God and man, Guy and Lady, Husband and Wife, Parents and children, Friends, Friend and enemies, self love and even those you do not know at all.

Instances are:

·         Self love: It is because you love yourself that will make you to work on your physical, financial, and spiritual life (i.e your physical appearance – dressing, and physical fitness). Also, it will become your obligation to take good care of yourself, learn new things, and correct yourself when you are wrong, just because you love yourself. Another one is you work on the way you speak or approach people all because you love yourself.

·        Friendship: It is also as a result of the love you have to your friend that gives you the duty care, communicate, teach, and correct your friend. Even as regards your physical, mental, financial, and spiritual life.

·        You and Enemies: Did I tell you that love can be expressed to anyone? You can love your enemies and show love to them just the way you do to your friends, even though they hate you. You can care, help, correct, and teach them.

To conclude, I will define “Love” as Life, Obligation, and Voice that comes with Emotion. Which is to say that LOVE – The four letters word can affects us in four ways either for good or bad.


“Love is Life, Obligation, and Voice that comes with Emotion”

“Emotion is the nucleus or heartbeat of love”

Ishola Philip O.