Oh Dear mother! 

You're so meek and tender, 

I pray we're always together;

Because I have no other.

Never leave me mum, 

Because pains will be my sun;

Shining sorrows in it's sum,

And in tears I'll be done. 

Remember, comforts I got from your groom,

There, in your sweet room. 

In times of my sorrows you cry,

In times of your own pains you try. 

So hard to make me useful you try, 

All these making you suck and dry. 

I know someday I'll certainly fly, 

I will run and set sail. 

Even when I'm trapped in saddened pail;

I won't  fail, 

Because I cherish you like the holy grail. 
Here in my heart I've set you on a  great height, 

To enjoy great flight. 

I'll make this fight, 

Even in days of plight;

To ensure the cake you bite. 

Mother, long life for you I seek,

Never shorten like the cock's beak,

Please be with me till life's peak, 
And never leave me broken to leak. 

How can I really repay, 

This treasure bay. 

As beautiful as the smiling day, 

God's blessings on you I'll always pray.