Again it's another morning.

Again it's another night.



How many days are left to go?

Can we ever run out of time?

It's not ending anytime soon,

Is it?

Seasons and years in gear.

It's in a circular motion.

It's left behind just to meet it again.

Today becomes yesterday.

On and on...each day.

Even if I cease to exist,

The heavens will spread out 

The sheet of cloudy skies with the

Moon, stars and sun.

The earth will grow its vegetations

Without delay.

Light into darkness,

Darkness into light.

The popularity of the night and day

Is underated!

No break.

So we keep living.

Don't get it twisted,

Living is awesome.

I am only fascinated at the

fast, indistinguishable, unending


How come there is always another day?

Funny to say I lost count!

Thanks to the calendar that gives

each day a name and number.

Atleast I could always go there when

I get lost in time.

This is how it is,

And will always be.

Welcome to the unending life cycle!