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Light & Water

Published on: December 23, 2022 | Category: Poetry | Author: DECHOSEN1 | Likes: 2| Views: 94

Light & Water.

At Moremi Hostel/Hall to be precise, we transited from the fertile days

when water walks around hugging plants, trees & humans too.

It's that season before the Hermione days,  we fetch from taps with ease & 

water gushing out from their portals piercing through our pores.

We used to stand akimbo now our legs & arms are flayed.

Our clenched palms are ready to punch away at our prey (those we deem too slow

in the procedure of getting water).

When our pens run against the pages of our books:

that's when the water will stop on its tracks & then it comes in drops & suddenly stops.

The light will start to blink too & bulbs then explode leaving our rooms in

darkness, we start to queue, staying up at night just to fetch a bucket of water.

Test periods are tiresome periods. We are fearsome now that examinations are knocking

on our doors, on the doors of our rooms, on the doors of our brains.

Let us with gladsome hearts buy lamps & fill all our buckets with water because

the trying times are right upon us.



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Love & Light

Published on: December 20, 2022 | Category: Poetry | Author: DECHOSEN1 | Likes: 2| Views: 103


Light & Love

All I can offer with my hands wide open is the 

sunrise defending your days without the betrayal of the night.

With my arms broad diluting your agonies with my radiant energy.

Love & light lighting your lanes lonely over time without

the warmth of the sun & the milkiness of the moon

Love is loitering about in your heart so I will let her out & I

promise to hold your hands with all the love & light in my soul.

I  will throw on your face kindness & kisses from my heart.

With me by your side, you will learn to kiss away those burns on your body.

You might be on the ground, rolling & crying your eyes out.

His Light is on you, flickering away the ashes of your discomforts.

His Light & Love will stay on you, on your routes for you to depart 

from the places of pain to palaces of pleasure. 

He will never leave nor forsake you because He is your LIGHT & LOVE.



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A Wildflower

Published on: December 17, 2022 | Category: Poetry | Author: DECHOSEN1 | Likes: 2| Views: 159

I am but a flower standing solo on a crowded road 

If I'm not cautious enough the wind will sweep me off my feet.

I used to be nestled among the flowers with the fragrance

of other flowers tinkling my nose with their heavenly incense.

I was often still & silent amid other fluttering flowers

standing on their toes as if they are ballerinas.

"Bella," mama would call out to me saying "you will  wane 

 if you don't dance into the sun like the other flowers."

I'm a budding flower circled by blossoming flowers &

unripe buds poking out their heads to open up. If my mother castigates me &

I become a weed unwanted & I shrivel up with my skin peeling off 

& fading off into the air. Into the sky, into the earth & into

seas who have sunsets as their second home.

If I go into the sun & wither without finding my root on the earth 

where the soil is soiled with the aftermath of the flood, my blood & the saplings of

my roots and stems that become too wild & I become untamed & unscathed just

like the wind that whispers into my ears to be wild &  a wanderer.

If I run wild into the field today with thirty thorns tugging at my feet, 

& my mother's voice no longer rings in my ears then I am wild & a flower.



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I'm 2² To Be Me

Published on: December 04, 2022 | Category: Creative writing | Author: DECHOSEN1 | Likes: 2| Views: 277

PHOTOGRAPHER: @malcomprince_ 🌹

When my fingers caress new notes, yeah!

And I continue to spend like there is no tomorrow, I love that feeling.

I love to cry out loud without my voice muffled under the rain with nobody 

listening to the beats & the tones of depression in my voice.

I love it when the rain washes over my cheeks, washes away

the saltiness that slides over them in secret.

I love it when I pull out my hair in the puff-puff style.

Though I know in the next two hundred years I won't braid it.

I love it when I sing with my tone cascading in an off-key manner

with no one caring enough to drop a comment or two.

I want to go bald with the wind painting flowery hues on my head

but I'm 2² my mother would disown me first so I would abide with my low cut.

I want to consume morsels of food with my teeth clattering &

clamping on them as if I were a savage & a cannibal like Friday a character

from one of Daniel Dafoe's famous novels "Robinson Crusoe."

I want to wear baggy pants & big blouses for the rest of my life.

I want to go barefoot most times but I'm 2² of sharp objects & home accidents.

I want to walk the earth with my footprints written all over the roads of life,

I want to lay down & rest this night  but I'm 2² I will wake up tomorrow morning,

I am my own worst enemy. Every day in my daydreams I drag myself through

tunnels to shed my shine from the world & what she has to say to me.


Owoeye Taiwo Bisola)


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Published on: November 26, 2022 | Category: Creative writing | Author: @Mailambahenry | Likes: 1| Views: 160

It was the least of my knot, I said,   it turns out to be a nightmare....    The dreams I fantasized.

'The beautiful evil' found in the banquet of mischief which gave rise to;

The truth that looks like a solution and the lies that feeds the hungry with an edible delicacy of persuasion.

It looks fascinating and unholy,      man that love into lust with a prudent heart of a fool, with a gypsy who want is; to become a king.

Now, we are all under the penumbra of deceit.                          In the mist of opportunities, lies the abundance of idleness.              Growing everyday in stagnation.    Asking ourselves the questions which we don't comprehend.

How can a man be: 

Knowledgeable without courage? Wise but poor?                                    Soaked but tasty?                              Religious but foolish?

And I found myself guilty of the cherished moments experienced in a disdain chain of pain.

We were brought up to coexist peacefully. But we grew up in hatred an hostility.

Religion was established by humanity.                                   Tribes and tribalism was born out of our curiosity.                                  Politics was designed to guide not to be politicised.                               Race was not meant to give rise to racism.

Love is the only cure to uplift mankind and uproot the 'beautiful evil' cultivated in the heart of men!

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