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A simple Traditional Chinese Character meaning "Big"

Published on: November 25, 2022 | Category: Creative writing | Author: MM8787v5 | Likes: 1| Views: 190

The Traditional Chinese character for sky is .

It is a simple Chinese character with three strokes.

Having a closer look, you will be surprised to find that it can be viewed as merging the two Traditional Chinese characters, (number one) and (human / people), which were discussed in previous articles.  Although it is formed by these two words, it does not mean one single person.  The Chinese character, means big in English. 

It is an easy-to-learn character.  Let’s get straight on to it now.

How to write this simple Chinese character

The first step is to write a horizontal line, a horizontal stroke.

This is essentially the Chinese character for number one, .

Remember the Chinese writing rules?  It has to be written from left to right. 

The next stroke is a falling leftwards stroke.  The stroke starts from the top and falls leftwards until it reaches the bottom to end. 

The last stroke is a falling rightwards stroke.  The stroke starts from the top and falls rightwards until it reaches the bottom to end.    

It is like a Traditional Chinese character, is written over the character,

And here we go the character, .

The same writing rule is applied here – from top to bottom and from left to right.

No new techniques but a new character this time.  Mastering the basics is important and more Traditional Chinese characters can be learnt quickly with a solid foundation.

Thanks for reading.  I will go through another useful and interesting one next time.  I encourage you to keep practising in the meantime before the next post comes. 


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I Ask For Too Much

Published on: November 05, 2022 | Category: Poetry | Author: DECHOSEN1 | Likes: 2| Views: 181



I Ask For Too Much.

I’ve been far away in these lands that are neither for me nor you,I’m sorry if I ask from my heart instead of my head. I forgot your heart is diseased.

If you call me a million times to massage these miseries out of you, I wouldn’t blink an eye before I answer your call, my hands dripping with love & care.

But I ask for too much I guess, with all of my YES’S over my NO’s yet they are nothing:compared to your love lithe on their feet, flexible enough to stretch thousand times just to accommodate me.

Sometimes I scream into the air "this is my fault". You need space more spacious than your mother’s kitchen.

I don’t need any space I need time to collect my thoughts from the haunting holes in my heart: and your heart is a hearth for mirages of harmony.


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Published on: October 30, 2022 | Category: Creative writing | Author: @Mailambahenry | Likes: 1| Views: 388

The good times are not just the best moments,

but the passionate care and attention in difficult situations being rendered, makes our hearts warm and our days colourful.

The things we borrowed and never gave back.
The promise we proffess which never came to pass.
The wicked threats, followed by a kind gesture.

The playground of truthfulness!

We tolerate in reality,
quarrel in consistency,
argue enthusiastically
and love in practicality....

The tender kisses of a mother for her baby.
The warm hug of a father that makes his child feel secured.

The sweet sacrifices of the girls which the boys never appreciate.

The brutality of the boys which irritates the girls.

Oh...... FAMILY! What a gift bestowed upon humanity.

Friends are occasioned by chance,  choice and situations.

But family is begotten by the Potter of the globe and the architect of the universe.

Even though, friendship should not be underrated.
Family's love can never be overemphasised.

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Published on: October 30, 2022 | Category: Poetry | Author: Loi | Likes: 2| Views: 177

It has been centuries since

I was able to pen down words on a sheet

I've been losing myself in things that never were for me

Desperate to find an escape I could bury myself in

It never worked, never could, never did.

I am not quite sure how I got myself tangled in

But I couldn't find a way to unravel everything

That trapped me down, weighed on me

Threatened to bury me six feet deep!

I was almost a goner; I was a dead man alive

Then something whispered to me to take a look outside of my head, my room and my mind!

When I did it felt like—

Struggling to the surface

Inhaling deep breaths of air

Crawling out of a dark cave

Reveling in the warm sunshine out there

Invited into a home on a cold winter day

To sit by a fire; a narrow escape from being frozen alive

By the blizzard that's raging outside

It feels like I'm soaring through the sky,

It feels like I'm alive.


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Dear Creative,

Published on: October 27, 2022 | Category: Poetry | Author: DECHOSEN1 | Likes: 2| Views: 165



Dear Creative,

When you wish to pause in the middle of nowhere

with your gifts dripping with doubts: do so with dignity.

You can stop in your tracks with your throat thirsty with trepidation.

You can purse your lips in preparation for tomorrow & today.

You can part your lips & let your pulses best slowly with your body's pressure

reduced to the size of a pebble. 

When you create with your fingers, tongue, feet & 

other parts of your body that you deem fit.

When your crafts are kicked under a table with the same  legs that 

wants you to fail & fall at what your heart is fastened on.

Breathe deliberately out of your nose & mouth. Inhale &  exhale.

When you want to stay on the road of your skills:

stay anyways & let your talents speak for you.

In your valley of apprehensions, when you are burned in & out 

your ideas into each other like enjambments.

When the words won't come & your voice won't sing the songs you desire.

Take your sweet time & create from the trash, then turn them into treasures because

that's what creatives do with time & season again & again.


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