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Writing A Traditional Chinese character — Number Eight

Published on: July 28, 2022 | Category: Creative writing | Author: mm8787v5 | Likes: 0| Views: 308

We have gone through a few Chinese numbers.

This time I will talk about another simple two-stroke Traditional Chinese character of number, which is the number eight, 八 and is very similar to the character for people, 人.

How to write simple Chinese character number eight

First stroke

The first stroke is a falling leftwards stroke. The stroke starts from the top and falls leftwards until it reaches the bottom to end. A falling leftwards stroke is one of the basics strokes that form Chinese characters.

The stroke is like this:

First stroke of the simple Chinese Character number eight
First stroke of the Chinese character number eight

Second stroke

The second stroke is yet another new type of stroke, a falling rightwards stroke. It is very similar to the previous type but it just goes the opposite way. The stroke starts from the top and falls rightwards until it reaches the bottom to end.

Second stroke of the simple Chinese character number eight
Second stroke of the Chinese Character number eight

So, this is the Traditional Chinese Character, 八. The difference between 八 and  is the opening at the top part. It is this small difference in wirting that makes a big difference in meaning!

Keep practising for now and we will learn to write another Traditional Chinese character next time.

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The Reality

Published on: July 27, 2022 | Category: Creative writing | Author: Merci | Likes: 3| Views: 215

” You can’t take my dream away from you, you can’t prevent me from bringing my dream to realization, I’m listening to her voice. My dreams wishper to my ear, I can hear it clearly, you can’t stop me or snatch my dream away from me, I have everything under control, I have my resources to achieve my dream. Is it passion, determination, discipline, resilience, persistency? I have it all, what else do I need to achieve my dream?” He laughed derisively.

An old man showed up, walking slowly towards Jerande, resting his weight on a rod, and shaking vibrantly as he was walking. He got closer to him and his shaky, cool voice made Jerande turned back gently to see who is talking.

“Are you sure you have all the resources needed?

In a twinkle of an eye, the old man disappeared.

Jerande jerked back to life, he sat down on his bed, adjusted his pillow and laid to rest his back on the pillow, sweating profusely, breathing hard, and looking confused.
He thought in his heart ” what is this?”……To be continued

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Published on: July 25, 2022 | Category: Creative writing | Author: @Mailambahenry | Likes: 4| Views: 323

This was how the story ended:

In the beginning,

there was a drive surrounded by piques, flinching in the middle of their embrace.

Infinite was the luxury of their emotions, lust, and splendor.

In the pool of ignorance their love grows.

Epic was their dream,

loquacious was their discourse while feeding daily on brawls. 

In awe of what is and what becomes,

Reality decided to intervene,

Being bonded by the strings of misfortune;


Who is to blame?


This was how the story ended!!!

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Best High-income Writing Skills to Learn in 2022: Most profitable freelance writing skills

Published on: July 08, 2022 | Category: Content writing | Author: Jadel | Likes: 3| Views: 268

Since you are here, I’m guessing that you are curious to find out whether the information you will be getting in this article will be worth your time; I can bet you that it will.


Throughout this entire blog post, I will be using the phrase “high-income writing skills”. Whenever you see this, realize that it doesn’t refer to the average writing skill you are familiar with—though it’s nothing you should be scared about.


“High-income writing skills” in this post refers to the type of writing skills that you can possess that have the guaranteed potential of fetching you thousands of dollars monthly.


Yes, you heard right :-)


Now, it’s not all the writing skills that fall under this category; only a handful of writing skills fall under this category. In this blogpost, I will be showing you the real High-income writing skills that you should learn or focus on in 2022 if you want to have a super financial writing career


Let’s dive in….

Introduction: What is a writing skill?


A writing skill is a skill that an individual possesses that enables him or her to express himself better with written language. Writing skills are important for many professions, such as journalists, bloggers, and editors. They are also important for many other fields, such as marketing and advertising.


There are two types of writing skills: general writing skills and specialized skills. General writing skills include the ability to identify different parts of speech, use proper grammar, use correct punctuation, and make appropriate word choices.


General writing skills are good; you should have these as a sensible or literate individual in a sane society. But, general writing skills don’t guarantee money in your wallet at all.


Specialized skills on the other hand, refer to the writing skill that requires knowledge of specific topics or areas of expertise. For example, journalists need specialized knowledge about current events and politics while technical writers need specialized knowledge about science or engineering topics.


The specialised writing skills are where there is the possibility of making money with writing. But don’t fool yourself. It’s not all specialised skills that brings in huge bucks. An example of this is academical writing.


If you really want to go far with writing, and start earning HUGE BUCKS with writing, then you need to master some “essential” writing skills.


Essential writing skills are the specialised writing skills that are in high-demand and are essential to the financial success of any business. These are the writing skills that will bring in HUGE BUCKS into your wallet. These are the writing skills that business owners are willing to pay a lot of money for


Let’s take away the Jargon and simplify everything for you…


Now, here’s just the plain honest truth. Whatever will make a client pay you a lot of money must be something that will have positive impact in his sales. Put another way, Clients focus on making more money, not losing money. So, any service that can bring them more (sales) money, they will be willing to pay more for such services.

What are the Best High-paying Writing Skills for freelancers in 2022?


What you need to know is that, to sell a high-income writing service that is in high-demand, you need to do something related to sales.


And when it comes to sales, it exists within the layer of traffic which is either organic or paid.


Organic sales are the type of sales that are made through a traffic (large number of high quality visits) means that the business owner is not paying for. E.g. Google Search, and Social media referrals


Paid sale are the type of sales that are gotten through paid traffic. E.g. Google Ads, Facebook ads, or Instagram ads


Now, business owners are interested in maximising their sales organically and through paid ads.


To make it clearer, a business owner will like to make sales even while sleeping, expecting that even in moments when he doesn’t have money to spend, he should have  a strong volume of high quality visits that can bring in sales for him


There are two high-income writing skills that helps business owners make more organic or paid sales. These skills are SEO content writing and copywriting.


If you want to possess a never expiring writing skill that is in high-demand, and pays very well, the skills you should learn are copywriting and SEO content writing.


These two skills will be important for any writer who wants to earn a living as a freelance writer.


How to Maximize Freelance sales with these High-income skills


As a freelance writer, mastering these high-income skills is a right step to take in order to secure a blissful financial writing career.


But to make it a lot better, and improve your sales, you need to niche down in these writing skills.


For instance, as a copywriter, you can choose to focus on: email copywriting, product description copywriting, Facebook copywriting, or any particular form of copywriting that suits you.


And as an SEO content writer, you can go further by niching down into ranking websites in a particular writing niche that suits you. E.g. Cryptocurrency, Health, and so on.




A lot of people think that being a writer is not profitable because you have to invest a lot of time in it. But, if you are an expert writer for one of the high-paying writing skills, then you can make a lot of money without spending much time.


Usually, writing  jobs may pay you 5 - 30$ per article as a freelancer. But these high income skills can pay you 200 - 2000$ for even as little as 500 words


If you want to master any of these high-income writing skills, Cravinkminds offers highly detailed courses with certificates and membership into a convenient environment where you can keep growing and earning with these skills.


Learn Advanced SEO content writing here

Learn Advanced Copywriting here


What writing skill have you been using to make money online? Let me know in the comments section below

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Published on: June 30, 2022 | Category: Poetry | Author: Rkwordsmith-Ruqayyah Eniola | Likes: 1| Views: 240


Don't bat it away like a fly

Smash it, kill it

Set it ablaze in orange-reddish fierce fire

Watch it gasp for air as it crackles and tumbles into ruins of ashes; a deathlike greyness

Blown away by the 'whoosh' torrents of ocean waves

Drowned to the depth of the ocean like a boulder rock

Forgotten, not existing

Kill the burglar

That has mastered the theft of time

It once broke into my heart, captured and tuned down my ideas

When asked why, he muttered: I'll soon release it one of these days, some of these days, maybe later...

I waited and waited

Like the morning glory waiting for the sun to bloom

Time crawled, burden doubled like weight of stones tied to my legs

Waiting shrunk me to less like everyday bathing soap

Thinking that there's a better time was a facade

It crushed down a strong chance,

Buried an opportunity

It was a formidable fear to face.

I have ever since been mean to kill it

Kill it

Don't give it space to thrive

If you do, it'll plant its seed and sprout where not needed

It'll grow, spread wide like a green field

Then it'll turn into its own pest, sucking deep into the seed pod like a bean weevil,

Killing the dream of the beans.

To begin is to take action,

Action kills procrastination

kill the killer, killing dreams.

Ruqayyah  Eniola 

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