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Published on: June 12, 2022 | Category: Creative writing | Author: Francis Elias | Likes: 2| Views: 178

From my observation so far, I noticed that our cries are caused by us. We want a better environment but we seem not ready to work for it. Few are giving their all, but it seems not enough.

And those in control seem to see the positions as their personal businesses, instead of a patriotic position to render selfless service to take us higher among our kinds in the world.

I begin to wonder, where are we getting it wrong? I then realized these mistakes;

📌 Not personalizing Nigeria 🇳🇬: Yes, if you want positive changes, you have to see yourself as the country. For me; "I am Nigeria." What about you? If Nigeria is not you, and if you are not Nigeria, it is obvious that you won't give your best for the country.

📌 Thinking Your Vote Doesn't Count: Who told you that your vote doesn't count? Do you think it's easy to rig an election? Well, when you don't see yourself as Nigeria, how will your vote count anyway?

📌 Afraid of Death: This has been the fear of the common man. If we are afraid of death, how then are we going to make our dream come true?

📌 Choosing Money Over Your Future: Of course, we all need money to survive. I want money as well. But then, how long shall we be selling our future and that of our people to those who see the position as a personal business?

📌 Making Enmity Because We Are Not In The Same Political Party: Everyone has a choice. However, this political party choice has made us more of enemies than family in today's politics. Think again.

What do we do to correct this?

It's simple. Let's just start by doing the following;

Personal Nigeria, such as; I AM NIGERIA 🇳🇬

Have faith that your vote counts. But then, go get your voters card now.

Don't be afraid of death. We all will still die anyway. But be careful and wise in your dealings.

✅ Please, let's try not to accept money in place of our better future 📡. If a man buys your service (vote), you must obey him for the period he bought your vote to make a profit. No business without profit.

✅ If your brother is in a different party, remain a family. Respect each other's choices. Anyone who wins should bring the glory home for all to celebrate.

I am Nigeria. I choose to celebrate 🇳🇬 this great day that I got transited from one form of governance to another (military to civilian democracy).

Long live Nigeria 🇳🇬 

Happy Democracy Day.

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Published on: June 21, 2022 | Category: Creative writing | Author: HattyDegen | Likes: 1| Views: 230

The rattle of beads on your waist
Are a dirge to my ears
As you sway from side to side
On a path unknown to me

With confidence you march on
The music groans louder
Like a hypnotized beast,
You ignore the stones and grass blades
On this rough path unknown to me

Your bleeding feet paint the path like petals
Such beauty embroiled in agony
You do not stop for a rest
Only marching faster
Like one hoping for the best

Curiosity pulls me to you
To look in your eyes and see
What attracts you so strongly
And keeps you so upright
On this path that seems to scare me

Your eyes are red with tears
Sweat maps tales of woe on your face
Your breath signals trails of fear
Goosebumps on your black skin coldly knit the warm embrace of loneliness

I can finally feel the sorrow
That your waist beads announce
Each bead tells a story of pain
Too great for words
Battles fought and lost
Friends loved and lost
Faith built and lost
Hope raised and dashed
Dreams conceived and slashed

I reach out to stop you
This journey can only end in misery
Only darkness at the end of the path
But you shrug me off
You seem to know what you are doing
This is what you signed up for.

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Writing A Traditional Chinese character - People

Published on: June 06, 2022 | Category: Content writing | Author: mm8787v5 | Likes: 2| Views: 234

We have gone through a few Chinese numbers.   This time I will talk about another simple two-stroke Traditional Chinese character, which means people, 人.  How to write this simple Chinese characterFirst strokeThe first stroke is a falling leftwards stroke.  The stroke starts from the top and falls leftwards until it reaches the bottom to end.  A falling leftwards stroke is one of the basics strokes that form Chinese characters. The stroke is like this:  Second strokeThe second stroke is yet another new type of stroke, a falling rightwards stroke.  It is very similar to the previous type but it just goes the opposite way.  The stroke starts from the top and falls rightwards until it reaches the bottom to end.     So, this is the Traditional Chinese Character, 人. Keep practising and we will learn to write another Traditional Chinese character in the next post.   
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Just a pick up line

Published on: June 06, 2022 | Category: Content writing | Author: Marcus11 | Likes: 1| Views: 1004

Marcus: How are you Cynthia, is me 


Cynthia: Why are you introducing 

                  yourself to me 

Marcus: Because I'm coming to 

              Introduce myself to your 


Cynthia: Don't you have any other work 

                 to do

Marcus:  I'm currently working on our 


Cynthia: Go and work on your 

                relationship with God

Marcus: I will do that, I promised 

Cynthia: you have made that promise 

                 before, have you delivered 

                 that promise

Marcus: Have you delivered my baby

Cynthia: Which baby 

Marcus: The one we are about to make 

               together, I'm a nice guy, 

                children loves me

Cynthia: I'm sorry but am not a child 

Marcus: But you are a child of God 

Cynthia: yes that's why I want you to 

                 change. The journey of a 

                  thousand miles begins with a 


Marcus: And the journey from your 

                house to my house also begins 

                with a step. Come to me let me 

                 make your dreams come true

Cynthia: Am not interested 

Marcus: Okay, I know you love me but 

                 you are too scared to say it

Cynthia: who says am scared 

Marcus: that means you are not scared 

                to say it

Cynthia: yes of course......oops that is 

                not what I mean it 

Marcus: what do you mean MY LOVE

Cynthia: don't call me that

 Marcus: sorry MY BABY

Cynthia: that one is even worse 

Marcus: My LOVE is better right 

Cynthia: yes.....oops but I didn't say you 

               should call me that 


Then Cynthia smiles

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Follow the basic rules of Copywriting

Published on: June 04, 2022 | Category: Content writing | Author: RoqeebahWrites | Likes: 1| Views: 285

Do not underrate the basic rules of Copywriting, even if you are a Copywriting legend

No one should underrate the basic rules of Copywriting…

The past Copywriting legends also follow this rule…

And they know what the copy will turn to.

If they did not follow the rules.

What will happen is that…

The copy will not convert to desired results 

What are the basic rules of Copywriting?

The basic rules of Copywriting majorly have four elements in acronyms of AIDA.

Which means:

A- Attention grabbing

I- Interest

D- Desire

A- Action

When one of the basic rules is missing out from the copy, the copy might not lead to desired results

This post might be helpful

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