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Published on: June 01, 2022 | Category: Creative writing | Author: Gracenkoji | Likes: 2| Views: 290


A best friend that is true in heart and actions not just in name is a brother or a sister related by love. We find best friends under circumstances that we may never forget, they are the bookmarks to the pages of our lives we'll probably never allow to fade away.

I recall when I was a child and how well storybooks always caught my rapt attention and stirred an intense desire to read them just like it did other children my age. Somehow, somewhere we believed the perfect world was hidden within those mostly bright coloured designed covers, scripted in lines and oftentimes illustrated in pictures. The prominent characters, many times had the best of everything from beauty, to wisdom, to kindness and everything thing else they had to offer including the gift of magic at their beck and call.

These stories were nothing less than beautiful in our young minds and the longing for them never dwindled. I was nine and a year to go to leave primary school, and could never get enough of these books due to not having the ones I could call my own and constant refusals from those I wished to borrow from. It made me reasonably sad with quiet bubbles of anger swelling up in me, leaving me the options of forgetting about storybooks or buying them for my possession. As far as these were from me to do I got a third option which I had never considered before, which wasn't going to cost me my desire or my money, it was the bold decision to write my own stories.

It was a brilliant idea that made me smile again and unlocked the gift of writing I never knew I had. The first piece I had to my name was 'Juanita And Anita', the story of two best friends who were headstrong about losing their friendship to mere disagreements, refusing to bend and let what they shared be drained away. And although the little details are long gone with lost papers that never survived till ten years, I still recall the satisfaction and fulfillment that was mine to enjoy.

Even as fictional a set of characters as they were they marked an end to every sadness I felt from my unmet storybook needs and opened up a whole new world of writing for me to bask in always.

🌹Grace Oji 🌹

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Day dreaming the things of desire

Published on: May 29, 2022 | Category: Creative writing | Author: Rkwordsmith-Ruqayyah Eniola | Likes: 1| Views: 271

Daydreaming the things of desire

I'm unconscious, don't bring me back

I'm not in a far away realm

I'm in the shade between lavender and lilac

I'm within and without intent

I like what I see, feel,

Things that widen the eyeballs, dilate pupils, and bring the stars near

The things that slacken the jaw,

Colors mood whity-lilly

In a glimpse, all I ever wanted strikes me

Like thunder lets out its flash of lightening

The light of the dawn seeps into the room

The room shines from the moon, not in gloom or doom

I touch in a hush, not to bash things

The things of desire, of gold and silver

A whiff of roses and jasmine that mesmerizes

I taste in haste the sweetest of autumn; thick, sticky like syrup

Too ravishing to be relinquished

A trip that grips comfort

Faith connects joy and contentment

So I condense un-conscious to conscious

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Developing your skill as a copywriter

Published on: May 29, 2022 | Category: Content writing | Author: Wisdom Solomon | Likes: 1| Views: 193

This isn't probably your first time hearing this yet it is overlooked and comes back biting back in disguise

What could this be you might be wondering? I would be diving into it shortly

It should be forged with unending desire for growth and also the kind of people you interact with affects it...

The mindset is the factor that should be considered and disciplined. 

You don't expect the person reading continuously and interacting with a group of influential individuals and is interested to know how they were able to achieve such fit

Well, that's why he chose to be among them in the first place and someone else who doesn't have anybody to look up to and is surrounded by unambitious individuals

The mindset of the latter is definitely affected and he can't progress beyond his initial standing

Try to build your mindset and don't stop, continue to do so.

Hopefully this was helpful?

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Published on: May 26, 2022 | Category: Creative writing | Author: Dampo_writes | Likes: 1| Views: 223

Those pains came haunting again yesterday night

In my most vulnerable 

And unbusy state of mind

All day long I hid at the back of resilience

I wore clothes of fineness

Though in the bass of me lays voiceless why and  bottled tears

Little did I remember that a runaway 

will always be on the run

And in no time be caught–

Yes, I was caught,

Yet again,

By my hurts!

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A FRESH BEGINNING (A quatrain poem)

Published on: May 25, 2022 | Category: Creative writing | Author: Dampo_writes | Likes: 1| Views: 133

It was then, in the morning

I was out to a neighbor's shop

To get something 

Not so quick but late to be up

Just so early the sun was out already

Dressed buoyantly

Pointing directly at me with its shining hands

As it spreads over me warmth like a sheet

Its obvious presence caught the attention of the empty street

With the breeze as its companion

They both walked in Union

Forming a cold-warm aura in the atmosphere

At each stand and stance

The air from the breathing breeze

Blows and folds the flair of my skirt

Wrapping coldness like blanket around my skin

At that moment in time

I felt a fresh beginning 

A sensation of living

A hint of a new day with a beautiful morning.

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