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Fly, birds; fly

Published on: May 13, 2022 | Category: Poetry | Author: Lade_Dare | Likes: 2| Views: 415

I was standing on the platform; thinking

of she who was, and is not; my heart sinking

as the sea ebbed and flowed.

It seemed like time had slowed.

My visage was the color of death,

as dark as the grief I felt.

Then I heard, above and around me, flutterings

of white birds with black wingtips.

I looked ahead and saw where the sky kissed the sea – the horizon –

maybe that was the birds’ destination.

There was a bird that flew further away from the pack;

All its wings had turned black.

‘Are the birds getting darker because they passed by me?’ I thought,

“Maybe they are taking away all the gloom I brought.”

I muttered, ‘Fly, birds; fly;

Take my pain into oblivion; fly.’

That day, the birds must have been listening raptly

because they flapped their wings violently.

No one, not even birds, wants emotional baggage,

especially when one has one’s own luggage.

When I saw how the birds were eager to escape from me,

I wondered whether my sorrow was, to those birds, ill.

So, I uttered, ‘Fly, birds; fly;

from pain and oblivion, fly.’

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Writing Simple Two-stroke Traditional Chinese character Part 2

Published on: May 14, 2022 | Category: Content writing | Author: mm8787v5 | Likes: 1| Views: 291

Last time we learn how to write the number ten, 十 This time I will talk about another simple two-stroke Traditional Chinese character, the number seven, 七.    How to write seven  First stroke Start with writing the horizontal stroke, just like how the number ten is written, as shown below.  Apply the left to right writing rule nicely and you are done. Second stroke The second stroke is a little bit different this time.  A new stroke type, the vertical and then turn right stroke is needed.  Start the stroke from the top vertically – apply the top to bottom writing rule.  At the bottom, do not stop.  Instead, turn right and continue horizontally applying the left to right rule.  Finish the stroke when its end is at about the same vertical position of the first stroke, as shown in the diagram below.  Do not worry about the small bit that sticks up at the end of the stroke. It is more of a calligraphy thing than a day-to-day writing practice.   Here we go.  This is a number ten, 七 in Traditional Chinese. Simple enough?  I will go through another one soon.  In the meantime, happy practising!  Thank you for reading.  
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'My writing sucks, I'm a bad writer'

Published on: May 09, 2022 | Category: Creative writing | Author: BSinitiative | Likes: 3| Views: 338

‘My writing sucks, I’m a bad writer'


You probably are like me when I first started writing. After I had written a piece, I will tear it up because I feel that it’s not worth posting.

But, wait a minute. Whoever told you that you could not write content that can sell. Yes, I mean content that will pay your bills.

Every professional writer started as a beginner. So you can as long as there is an idea or information you have to pass across.

Writing doesn’t necessarily have to be some big topic. It could be about your experience during the day or some childhood memories. Someone out there is itching to hear from you!

Your writing can make you money if only you can start. This write-up is not about that, some other time.

Follow these tips and you would be surprised to find out that you have a gold mine inside of you while you’re languishing in penury.


Find a place and time to write, it helps to give you needed concentration.

Always write, take it as a norm like your house chores.

Practice always builds your confidence. Don’t go a day without writing. Always go out with a Potter and pen. Ideas can come at any time. I practically sleep with a book and pen beside my bed.

You can get ideas about writing from everything around like in the bus, supermarkets, Mall, salons, the media

Write about what you know and even if don't know about a topic, do research.

Don't throw your write-up away. keep it till the next day even if you think it's rubbish.

You can write just about anything like your everyday experience, your childhood, or a group discussion you had.

Always write down your ideas.

Pick a niche, that is an area where you flow very. For example, if you can talk about relationships. Write about it. There’s nothing wrong with doing research.

When you write, do it as if you are talking with someone in front of you.

Reading also helps you to write well, always read.



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Three kinds of copy you should not write

Published on: May 04, 2022 | Category: Content writing | Author: RoqeebahWrites | Likes: 2| Views: 267

Two days ago, I took a book from my e-library.

It was one of the Copywriting books I bought…

I began to read…

And I came across something that I have promised to share.

I have never heard, learn or read it somewhere,

Recently, I read it in a book.

And I want to share with you.

Probably, you might also not have heard it or read it before.

What is the thing?

The thing is …

Three Kinds of Copy to Avoid

Do you wish to know these three kinds of copy you should avoid?

Here they are 👇

1. Poetic Copy

Do not apply a poetic word in your copy, though poetic word is about purging out emotions, but it doesn't resonate your audience to buy from you.

Poetic Copy will only entertain your audience when reading …

It doesn't help your audience to act.

2. Affected Copy

This kind of copy sounds as if it was written by a scholar.

Because it will only get your audience confused with big grammars and extravagant phrases.

Copywriting is not about big grammar…

It is about writing simply and clearly that even a 5-year-old child could understand.

3. Unbelievable Copy

Unbelievable Copy sucks. 

Word Exaggeration should not be an element of a better copy.

Write your copy in a way that your audience can believe you, starting from your headline, subheading, body copy and others.

 Believability is one of the keys of converted copy.

If you find this post helpful

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Chinese Character Writing rules

Published on: May 14, 2022 | Category: Content writing | Author: mm8787v5 | Likes: 1| Views: 500

This Chinese character writing rule summary will be updated progressively as more Chinese characters are discussed.  Having gone through how to write a few simple Chinese characters, you might be aware there are writing rules. Rule #1The first writing rule is to write from left to right. An example is the Chinese character number one, 一Rule #2The second one is to write from top to bottom. An example is Chinese character number two, 二Rule #3 When there are conflicting between the first and second rules, the left to right rule prevails. A good example is the Chinese character number ten, 十Finally, I hope this summary will help to grasp the writing more firmly.  As we will be going through more Chinese characters, more rules will be introduced.  Thanks for reading. 
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