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Published on: April 30, 2022 | Category: Poetry | Author: DECHOSEN1 | Likes: 1| Views: 163

If you can gift me your heart like a present,

Between shadows and clouds in-between earth,

I will keep it safe in a sanctuary within my soul,

While you taste on my lips my affection for you.

I will listen to the stories of how you rose & fell,

From mountains into valleys of wars & victories,

With a hasty hand pressed against my cold cheek,

With a pure and perfect passion from inside me.

I hold in my mouth blessings from the heavens,

Ready to spurt them out with a smile on my face,

I will save my heart in a safe void of dust and rust,

With your heart beside mine, whole, mine can be torn.



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Published on: April 30, 2022 | Category: Poetry | Author: DECHOSEN1 | Likes: 1| Views: 189

When we dramatically beat the face of our drums,

With our drum sticks softly touching its surface,

May the rhythmical sounds sting the right ears,

When the time has come and purpose is revealed,

We will sit with kings and wash our hands with wine,

May good fortune fall on us like waterfalls when famine is furious our fruitlessness.

When we are frozen on this stage of our existence,

When our feet are fastened on the fences of February,

Like an incomplete building staggering on its legs,

We will March forward even when it's not the Month,

We will dance with our legs drumming up the dust,

The dum-dum sounds of our drums awaken the world with wonderful music.

When our today comes with our yesterday wasted,

When our teeth brown, broken, and falling all over,

It doesn't matter if the harvests come with the dusk,

It does matters our January comes before February,

Our portraits will be NFT worthy with monies & fame,

We become August visitors in our homelands without the appearance of August still.



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Lies and secrets

Published on: April 30, 2022 | Category: Creative writing | Author: MariamOluwadamilare | Likes: 2| Views: 207

                      Chapter 2       Derek goes into the room Shirley is in. He knew he had to tell her the truth and he had to get home. When he entered her hospital room, he found her awake. "Hi", he greeted. She sits up when he greeted her. "Hi. Thank you for helping me out back there", she said. "No problem. I need to tell you something really important", he said taking a sit by her bedside and she perks up immediately and nodded. "You see, your parents didn't survive the accident. We got there too late. They had lost a lot of blood by the time we got here", he announced, nervously. She began to shake her head really fast. "No! That's not possible. You told me they would be fine. I can't live without my parents, I don't want to. They are all I've got in this world!", she shouted and began to cry hysterically, trashing around on the hospital bed. Derek moved closer to console her but she was inconsolable. "You will be fine, nothing is going to happen to you", he said and pulled her close. This time, she didn't resist. He held her while she cried for an hour before falling asleep. Derek looked her sleeping form and felt very sorry for her. He decided that he would try his best to take care of her as much as he could. He left her room quietly. He decided to stay the night at the hospital.     The next day, Shirley opened her eyes to a strange surroundings. Then the events of the previous day filtered into her mind. She turned and found Derek sleeping in the uncomfortable chair in the room which meant that he spent the night at the hospital. She layed there on her side and watched him for a while before he stirred. He opened his eyes and stood up immediately. "Good morning sir", Shirley greeted. "Good morning. I hope you slept well?", He asked. "I did. I am sorry for the inconvenience and grateful for all the help you rendered. "It's nothing. I am sorry about your parents. You have a lot of plans to make now, do you have anybody you want to call?", He asked. "I don't think so. It is just me", she replied, looking embarrassed. "I am sorry to hear that", he sympathized. "You don't have to be. Do you know if they'd discharge me now? I would like to bury them today", she asked and Derek got up, "I'd talk to the doctor, give me  a few minutes", he said and walked out the door. Shirley heaved a deep sigh. She would have to take these people down on her own now that her parents are gone. This means that these people were not playing around, she thought.
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My Irresistible Addiction Episode 1

Published on: April 29, 2022 | Category: Creative writing | Author: Akunne Promise Chidiebube | Likes: 1| Views: 173


BY Promise Chidiebube

Episode 1(unedited)


I wiped my blood stained knife on the grass and tucked it back into my boots where it belonged. Save for few droplets of blood on my hands, which definitely weren't mine anyways, I looked perfectly fine. I still had my hair in place and my cloth still looked straight.

No one would be able to as much as guess that I'd just been able to kill five fully grown men this early morning. Well, I wouldn't take the total blame, as they attacked me first, and as I would always do, I simply fought back in self defense.

About the bodies, I had already contacted Roselyn to take care of them. Roselyn was a dwarf, and that would totally explain why she would be able to single handedly take care of the five dead bodies. Dwarves had supernatural strength. It was more like their lack of height doubled for an advantage in their strength and body build. Also, they had very thick skins and very strong muscles.

 They could lift loads that would be difficult for up to five average normal human beings to lift.

I walked straight into my store from the back door, and quickly washed my hands. Everything looked the same way I'd left them, showing me that there was no break in, and that for the time being, I'd been able to secure my little space. Few months ago, this wasn't the case. Buckyard was a town that had the highest number of criminals in the whole country, and everyone fought their way up the food chain, till they got to the very top, or got to a point where they weren't considered as prey.

This made them terrorize young business owners with very high demands for tax and royalties. Once anyone refused to pay, they marked them as a potential target and threat, and as such, made life completely miserable for them.

When I started the Annie Food Store, I'd gotten a whole lot of thugs on my neck. I'd however been able to show them that I wasn't one to mess with and go scot free. I tracked down every single one of them, and made sure I fed their blood to any of my knives.

You might be wondering who this mysterious girl is. Well, to satisfy your curiosity, I'm Annie Charlie, a 23 year old girl who doesn't have any parents, and who is trying so hard to make ends meet, whilst staying almost anonymously, very close to the top of the Buckyard's food chain.

I quickly got to work, chopping the carrots and cabbages we would need for the day. I preferred to have them freshly prepared for every day's use, rather than stock in my refrigerator.

 Even though I was the owner of the store, and had my workers, I liked to chop the vegetables as it always gave me a calm feeling.

The Annie Food Store opened at exactly 8.am and all my workers were expected to be at work, thirty minutes before then. It didn't take much time for them to start coming. Lydia came first and was the one to open the front door, though she left the sign at the front set to closed.

"Good morning, Annie", Lydia called, her face radiating genuine smiles, as she went into the workers den to change into her work apron. "Good morning", I called back to her, my voice matching the same cheerful tone of hers. One thing that distinguished me from the other underworld bosses was my relationship with my workers. I had a very cordial relationship with them and took them all as my friends. This singular attitude made them become really endeared to me, as they were free to act very normal around me.

The front door opened again and Matt walked in, as though he owned the place. Matt was a vampire, and my PA. He clutched his laptop under his arms as though his life depended on that singular gadget. Well, maybe his life actually depended on it because I couldn't recall any time I'd ever seen him without his laptop or tablet. Like hell, maybe he even went with them to the bathroom.

Matt walked straight to where I was sitting at the kitchen table, flung his bag on the table and whipped out his laptop. In seconds, he had it powered on, and after hastily tapping a few buttons, he asked for my schedule.....

To be Continued 

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Birthday Wishes

Published on: April 29, 2022 | Category: Poetry | Author: Adesunwon HB | Likes: 1| Views: 167

Just like yesterday, we hear the cry of an angel,

The little queen was born without craving.

Our happiness are diluted with joy,

Just like an adventure of love,

Filled Mama's heart and soul,

A beautiful feeling of days was born.

And today, we celebrate her birth,

An amazing woman with love,

Like an everlasting hope of joy,

I wish days would rise to it's call.

I wish your live be honey,

Sweeten by joy and happiness,

I wish success stand beside you,

Holding up your hand with glory,

I wish calamity denounce you,

Making your path a never walk for him.

I wish our home adorn you,

Beautifying you with  children of Ibrahim,

I wish love bewitch you,

Strengthening your path with me,

I wish taqwa devour you,

Straightening your lapses with Allah.

To my beautiful wife  of humility,

Here's my little wishes with sincerity.

@ AdesunwonHB


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