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The painting of God

Published on: September 13, 2023 | Category: Poetry | Author: Glow_forChrist🌹 | Likes: 2| Views: 241


In the openness of space,

There, nature unfolds to life.

At morn, the sun wakes,

And spreads forth its rays,

That drives the shadows,

Of all our fears far away.

In the sky is a visage of life,

Sometimes blue, gray, brown,

Orange, white, so sane and sound.

Deep below we hear tunes up high,

From birds that choir the sky,

In sync with the breeze benign.

It tunes our souls to full life.

In the sea is a city of fishes,

The soothing glee of whirlwinds,

That armors its peaceful scene,

Boisterous yet to its limits.

The horizon of earth and sky,

Mountains climb up high the sky,

And vales grow deep in style,

The trees, they flatter in style.

A beautiful apparel on land,

The earth wears its colours,

Of cute flowers all around,

In harmony with sky resound.

Then God puts me in charge,

Of such beauty of nature's bound,

Myself as part of nature's sound,

Owe God such beauty we've found.


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The Lesbian Milk Cow Gudrun.

Published on: July 22, 2023 | Category: Creative writing | Author: Haffi | Likes: 0| Views: 178

A story about a milk cow named Gudrun, she loved writing  poetry. And she was a proud Lesbian.

Gudrun and the farmer’s wife. 2023.
Mixed media illustration by Hafsteinn.

Once upon a time, in the beautiful countryside of magical Iceland, there lived a milk cow named Gudrun. Gudrun was a happy milking cow, living on a farm with her friends and enjoying the lush green grass and writing poetry. But Gudrun had a secret, she was in love with the farmer’s wife, yess she was a lesbian. She loved writing beutyfull poems of the love she felt for the farmer’s wife.

Lesbian Milk Cow friendships Poem.  By Gudrun.

  • I’m Gudrun the milk cow mouuuuuee, and I’m here to say, That my friendship with the farmer’s wife is here to stay. We talk about life and all its wonders, And share our dreams and hopes like thunder.
  • She milks me every day with gentle care, And I moo with love in the air. For she’s more than just a friend in my life, She’s family, she’s love, she’s everything nice.
  • We’re different in many ways, it’s true, But our friendship is strong and will see us through. So here’s to the farmer’s wife, my dear friend, Our friendship will last until the very end.
Gudrun and the farmer’s wife 2023.
Mixed media illustration by Hafsteinn.

Gudrun would watch the farmer’s wife as she went about her daily chores. She admired her kindness and gentle nature. Gudrun longed to be close to her, to nuzzle her hand and feel her soft touch.

The Lesbian milk cow poem.

By Gudrun
Her milk was so sweet, it was like a dream, And everyone loved it, or so it would seem. But Gudrun knew better, she knew in her heart, That her love for other cows would tear her apart.
So she kept it inside and never let on, That she was different from everyone. But deep down inside, she knew it was true, That she was a gay milk cow through and through.
And though she was different, she still had her pride, And she’d milk every day with nothing to hide. For Gudrun knew that love knows no bounds, And that’s what makes the world go round.

One day, Gudrun mustered up the courage to approach the farmer’s wife. She moooooouuuued softly and nuzzled her hand. The farmer’s wife smiled and petted Gudrun with her firm but soft
hands, telling her what a good milk cow she was.

From that day on, Gudrun and the farmer’s wife became wery close friends. They would spend time together every day, and talk about politics drink coffee and mouuuuuueeee. They discussed Gudruns poems and made plans to publish them before Christmas.
The farmer’s wife also brushed Gudrun’s coat and gave her a complete makeover, so Gudrun felt more distinctive.

Gudrun was happy to have found love and friendship with the farmer’s wife. She knew that their love could never be more than friendship, but that was enough for her. Gudrun was content to live her life on the farm, surrounded by her friends and loved by the farmer’s wife and work on her poetry.

Lesbian milk cow friendships poem.

By Gudrun.

I’m Gudrun the milk cow mouuuuuee, and I’m here to say, That my friendship with the farmer’s wife is here to stay. We talk about life and all its wonders, And share our dreams and hopes like thunder.
She milks me every day with gentle care, And I moo with love in the air. For she’s more than just a friend in my life, She’s family, she’s love, she’s everything nice.
We’re different in many ways, it’s true, But our friendship is strong and will see us through. So here’s to the farmer’s wife, my dear friend, Our friendship will last until the very end.

Remember to drink milk mouuuuuuuee.
By Hafsteinn.

And so, Gudrun lived happily ever after, writing her poems. And knowing that love comes in many forms and can be found in the most unexpected places.

Love is love and remember that happiness is a decision.

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SigurĂ°ur TĂłmasdĂłttir The First Environmental Activist In Iceland.

Published on: July 22, 2023 | Category: Content writing | Author: Haffi | Likes: 0| Views: 241

SigarĂ­Ă°ur TĂłmasdĂłttir was born on February 24th, 1871 in Brattholt at the mouth of Gullfoss  canyon in Iceland. Her parents were TĂłmas TĂłmasson, a farmer in Brattholt and MargrĂ©t ÞórĂ°ardĂłttir. SigrĂ­Ă°ur TĂłmasdĂłttir is widely seen as Iceland’s first environmentalist and is memorialized on a sculpture near Gullfoss.

"Brattholt was secluded, most travelers came there on their way to Gullfoss. SigrĂ­Ă°ur and her sister often followed people to Gullfoss and they laid the first path down to the waterfall before the royal visit in 1907. SigrĂ­Ă°ur often came to Gullfoss with people who had made a long journey to see the waterfall and enjoy it, and the attitude of these people is likely to have influenced SigrĂ­Ă°ur."

SigrĂ­Ă°ur did not go to school but was very well read. She learned all common jobs and worked both outside and inside and was extremely diligent. She was artistic, a good drawer and a great seamstress and drew and sowed pictures of flowers and animals and the beautiful landscape that surrounded her.

She often went on long trips both in the countryside to the mountains and on city trips, either walking or on horses. When she was about forty years old, she was invited to stay in ReykjavĂ­k for education and entertainment but did not enjoy herself and quickly returned home.

 She was known for her fight against the construction of a hydroelectric power plant at Gullfoss waterfall. She even threatened to throw herself into the waterfall if it was developedÂą. The Icelandic sentence you provided translates to "SigrĂ­Ă°ur was known for her fight against the construction of Gullfoss and she stated that she would throw herself into the waterfall if it was developed in to electrical power plant.

Around the turn of the century in 1900, men began to seek control of waterfalls in Iceland for electricity production and industry, often on behalf of Icelandic and also foreign companies.

Early in 1907 an Englishman expressed interest in Gullfoss. He offered 50,000 krónur. As of today, 50,000 krónur is equivalent to $366.17 in today’s money.

Gullfoss was partly in the land of Early in 1907 an Englishman expressed interest in Gullfoss. He offered 50,000 krónur. As of today, 50,000 krónur is equivalent to $366.17 in today’s moneyBrattholt and partly owned by Jaðar. At first, Sigríður’s father, Tómas, was strongly against selling the waterfall, saying he did not want to sell his friend. But then he found that he was standing in the way of progress in the country and decided to negotiate a lease on the waterfall. When the lease was sold, Tómas had a change of heart, influenced by Sigríður, and refused to accept payment for the lease. A case was brought against the family and they lost it, so there was no prospect of the waterfall being harnessed. However, Sigríður’s fight drew attention to nature conservation and the development of the waterfall was no longer seen as a "necessity" to promote progress in the country as it had been in the minds of many.

Sveinn Björnsson, President of Iceland 1944-1952, was the lawyer of SigrĂ­Ă°ur  and he expressed his interest in her affairs and Gullfoss as follows.

Now Sigríður’s fight began to preserve Gullfoss, and she now turned to me as a lawyer. She wanted to try to get the useless contracts that her father had made or buy back the rights. When no attempts in this direction were successful, she chose to get her father to refuse to accept an annual fee for renting the waterfall. But everything did not go as planned, the annual fee was offered legally. Then she threatened that at the first shovel stroke made for the power plant, she would throw herself into the waterfall and see if people thought it was lucky to continue.

This ended up differently. Foreigners who had rented Gullfoss gradually lost interest in hydropower here in the country. It turned out that the annual fees stopped being paid. The lease agreement therefore became invalid. Now the state treasury has acquired Gullfoss, as far as I understand it, to preserve it as it is, as a beautiful natural phenomenon. And it is unlikely that we Icelanders will ever again allow public opinion to rise against the fact that people start messing with Gullfoss so much that it seems impossible. Then Sigríður’s fight in Brattholt probably wasn’t completely useless, and she understands that she is always remembered for her conservation efforts.

Afterwards TĂłmas and MargrĂ©t passed away, SigrĂ­Ă°ur continued farming in Brattholt along with Einar GuĂ°mundsson who had been adopted as a child at Brattholt.  She was a well-known Icelandic woman who fought for the conservation of Gullfoss and other waterfalls. She was a pioneer in the field of nature conservation. 

In 1952, the house in Brattholt burned down and SigrĂ­Ă°ur and Einar lost their lease. Rather than moving from Brattholt, they lived in part of the barn until they were able to move into a new house in 1954. In 1953, the Icelandic parliament approved a grant to SigrĂ­Ă°ur for fire damage and as recognition for her work.

Gísli Sigurðsson talks about her in the Icelandic Touring Association’s yearbook for 1998 about Biskupstungur: “It had artistic veins and was very unusual at that time, that she got to draw pictures, both of plants and animals and she was a good craftswoman. Sigríður was still “outdoor” in the sense that she worked equally well on outdoor work as on indoor work…

Sigríður died in Hafnarfjörður on November 17, 1957.

Einar handed over part of Brattholt to the Ministry for the Environment on December 11, 1976, with no other words than that the land would be gifted by the end of 1977 and that it would be used solely in accordance with the spirit of nature conservation laws. The Minister of Education signed a proclamation of protection for Gullfoss on March 9, 1979.

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The Lonely Gay Bdsm Daddy Troll..

Published on: July 22, 2023 | Category: Creative writing | Author: Haffi | Likes: 0| Views: 218

The Lonely GayGay BDSMBdsm Daddy Troll..

(Trolls are creatures of icelandic Icelandic folklore that live in rocky mountains and deep in the uninhabitable Icelandic highlands)…

GrĂ­mur was a typical gay troll and he was so lonely and depressed. He really needed company.

He often spends his days painting with his watercolors. The painting are of the beautifull icelandic landscapes, the mountains and the river so blue and clear, the environment that surroundes him. He uses different shades of blue and pink and orange to paint the sky and brown aĂ° green for the trees.

He is very focused when he is painting and has a serious expression on his face. The paintings looks almost to real, as if you could step into it and walk around in it, smell the grass and hear the birds. Drink the water in the river and pet the sheeps in the fields. But he got so lonely sometimes and ine days he decided to go for a walk so he could burn off some of the Calorie after eating all the disobedient children, his favorite food, with cheese and crackers.

He was wandering around the Icelandic countryside looking for something interesting to do and get inspired. When he saw a blonde boy working on a sheep’s farm. He had no t-shirt on. He was fascinated by the boy’s beauty and sexy sveaty body, so he decided to spy on him.

( Icelandic Trolls are known to be greedy and many like to eat human flesh, especially the flesh of disobedient children. They often capture people or lure them into their caves with spells, magic ).

The boy’s name was Ólafur, and he lived with his father and his sheeps. He was unhappy with his life and he was still a virgin. He dreamed of seeing the world and having adventures. Meet a man and fall in love.

When he noticed that there was someone was watching him from the shadows, he felt wery curious and a little scared. When he saw the Troll he really whanted to befriend it. But GrĂ­mur was scared and shy so he tried to hide from the beutyfull and sexy boy.

( Icelandick trolls are capable of magical tricks and casting spells, but their problem is a lack of intelligence. In most cases captured humans easily manage to outsmart them and escape ).

Ă“lafur found Grimur hiding behind a rock, and he gasped at his appearance. Grimur was huge and hairy and with big muscles and pierced nibbles, with horns and tusks and claws. He looked like a bdsm daddy monster, but he also had a gentle expression and sad eyes. Ă“lafur felt sorry for the Troll, but also little aroused, he asked him who he was and what he wanted.

( According to the Icelandic folklore, trolls are known for eating human flesh, especially the flesh of disobedient children ).

GrĂ­mur was so nervous and had a big boner, but he managed to tell Ă“lafur his name and his lonley sad story.

He said that he fancied Ólafur and wanted to be his friend. Ólafur was surprised and touched by Grímur’s honesty, he agreed to be Grímur’s friend. But with one condition not to eat any more children from the valley. Grímur agreed and promised to only to eat the children from Reykjavík.

So he invited GrĂ­mur to his home, the sheep farm he sheared with his father, the farmer.And it so happened that his father was getting drunk with the other farmers in the walleye to celebrate the summer harvest.They spent the night talking about politics, Love and their fantasies.

Laughing and eating, drinking red vine and taking vodka shots. The slowly moved closer to each other and before they relished they where kissing passionately. They had a swetty sex. And after they enjoyed laying in the moss together, surrounded by the sheep’s.

( Icelandic trolls are beings that are the only ones in Nordic folklore who have corporeal bodies, meaning they exist in the flesh ).

After many sex dates they soon fell in love, and they decided to bee together for ever. And keep the relationship closeted. One day Ólafurs packaged all of his g-strings and left a writtenletter to his father telling him tha he was gay and he was in love with a hearey BDSM troll. And he wad hoing to move to Grímur’s manly cave.

There they lived wery happily , enjoying each other’s company and exploring the wonders of Icelandic nature, they’re sexual fantasies. GrĂ­mur continued to paint. His paintings were even more magical than before because now he painted with happiness and love in his hart.

No longer lonely and bored gay bdsm daddy troll.



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Our hearts combined.

Published on: July 20, 2023 | Category: Poetry | Author: Glow_forChrist🌹 | Likes: 0| Views: 199

Our hearts combined.

My heart,

That's what I see,

You've become my heart.

My world,

With you, all others may exit,

But in you, my heart finds relief.

My Love,

In deepest cravings,

My soul longs o'er you.

My treasure,

You're to me ten thousands combined,

I am content with you by my side.

My Shield,

In my loneliness, I run to you,

In your warm embrace, I feel safe with you.

My soulmate,

Thoughts of you shrouds my soul,

With sweetest relief and peace,

You have become to me life in life.

My heartbeat, 

Though you may be far away,

My heart there in and with you stays.

My sweet honeycomb,

Your presence in my life,

Turns my sour to sweetest life.

My Joy,

Life with you gives me hope, 

Springs of peace like a river flow.

My soul carrier,

You share the content of my soul,

And with you I feel sound and whole.

My sweetheart, 

At the thought of you,

My heart leaps for joy.

My intimate mate,

I've grown fond of you,

And I just want to stay with only you.


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