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The Four-stroke Traditional Chinese Character Meaning the Best

Published on: May 02, 2023 | Category: Creative writing | Author: mm8787v5 | Likes: 0| Views: 181

Last time we went through the Traditional Chinese character meaning “inch” as a measurement unit.

This time we are going to look at a slightly more complex four-stroke character.  There are no new type of stroke but more stroke to form the character.

It is the Traditional Chinese character, , which means a king or implies the best one in a certain area.

First stroke

Again, it starts with a simple horizontal stroke.  Just write from left to right.   

Second stroke

The second stroke is essentially another horizontal stroke.  It then again becomes the character, , meaning the number two.

Third stroke

The third stroke is a straightforward vertical stroke from top to bottom.  Now it looks like what is in the image below. 

Fourth stroke

The fourth stroke is the very simple horizontal stroke.  This one needs to be slightly longer than the two above it to look nice. 

The three horizontal strokes can be about the same length.  But it just looks nicer from a calligraphy perspective to have the bottom one a bit longer then the other two. 

So, here is the Traditional Chinese character,

It is done for the time being.  Keep practicing before the next post comes soon.  Enjoy.

Thanks for reading. 


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Learn from criticism

Published on: April 25, 2023 | Category: Content writing | Author: Glow_forChrist🌹 | Likes: 2| Views: 181

While receiving constructive criticism is never pleasant, it helps us improve. Just as it takes courage to ignore criticism, it also requires courage to pay attention to it. It is crucial to be able to tell the difference between constructive criticism and criticism motivated by jealousy. Successful people possess this talent. Understanding the critic's motivations is a skill in and of itself. Self-knowledge is the other component—possibly the biggest component. The successful person is aware of themselves well enough to recognize whether a criticism is legitimate. 

Nobody dislikes criticism more than successful people, in my experience. 

However, they remain composed and in control and pay close attention when they believe the critique to be valid. They request ideas for how to get better. In reality, successful people frequently request feedback from others they respect. "How am I doing?" they enquire. "How can I get better?"

©️ glow_forChrist🌹

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Inside Life

Published on: April 25, 2023 | Category: Creative writing | Author: Glow_forChrist🌹 | Likes: 1| Views: 169

"Andrea, stop touching me, please. I'm married.😟"

"Raine, but I love you, please.

I never knew we would part this way. I searched for you everywhere, but I couldn't find you. Why on earth did you go away? Why? Raine, we're meant for each other, don't you see?"

"But, Andrea, you're making me cheat on my husband with you."

"Raine, it's you that I want.😩 My heart is still with you. I don't see myself spending the rest of my life with another woman asides you. I feel peace with you, Raine.🥺" (making an approach to kiss her.) 

She couldn't resist him.(she missed his body too.) 

He kissed her deeply and whispered into her ears, "your husband can't handle you the way I do, Raine. Come to me." as he grabs her ass arrogantly and lifts her against his thighs whilst kissing her. 

Raine felt helpless and yielded to him. 

From there to the bed…..


How it started…

Andrea and Raine had been lovers for three years. Anyone who saw them would think they will eventually do life together. But, the reverse happened when Raine accepted Jesus and neglected her old life. Everything happened so fast, as she got her ticket and travelled overseas for her masters. 

Andrea couldn't reach her for over 5 years because her line changed and she intentionally blocked him on every social media platforms just so she'll erase every memories of him and focus on her newly found lover, Jesus.

He struggled to move on with his life as it dawned on him that Raine had travelled out and was no longer interested in him. He fought hard to find love again. He was at the stage of getting married. His family and friends were on his neck for marriage.

Raine on the other hand still loved him, but she found everything they've done together sinful. So, she rather stayed alone even if it was hard for her, and not "go back to her vomit."

5 years in the UK, and she has completed her masters. She finally comes back to Nigeria. No, she didn't come back alone. She came with a man she intends spending the rest of her life with who happened to be "God's will" for her in marriage.

Fast forward to after her wedding. They both travelled back to the UK for their honeymoon. 

Little did she know that her ex, Andrea, also got married and is now in the UK with his wife for their honeymoon. Right in the same hotel.🤦‍♀️

Coincidentally, Andrea and Raine went out of their rooms to get a drink, and to make a phone call, respectively. 

"wait, Raine?"🧐


"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"What are you doing here?" Andrea asked in reprise. 

"Raine, where have you been? I've looked everywhere for you, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, virtually, everywhere. But, I couldn't find you. It appeared that you blocked me. Why?😟

You didn't tell me you were leaving the country.

"Andrea, I'm sorry. It's just that I was no longer comfortable with the life I was living. I had to break up. 

Break up?! Raine, you didn't say anything about breaking up. You didn't tell me you were tired of our relationship. Did I do you wrong? Why did you have to break my heart this way? It took me years to recover from the trauma you caused me. Funnily enough, I'm yet to recover cos, I still have you here in my heart. 

"I'm sorry, Andrea. It was never my intention to break you. Just that, I got converted a few days before my visa got approved. I avoided you because, I wasn't sure of how to bring up the new me to you. I just felt avoiding you would be best to get rid of the relationship."

But you should have told me anyways, Raine. You just threw away every single thing we shared. 

Andrea, we shared nothing, but, sex. Fornication. That is what I've been avoiding. That is a great sin before God. 

"Andrea, please, I have to go now, my husband would be waiting for me."

"Can I at least, have your number?"

She gave him reluctantly and left immediately. 

Since that day, Andrea won't let her rest. 

Always calling, and texting, and calling and texting with words that reminds her of their past together. 

Haha… It was then she began to see that her husband is not "good in bed" like her ex. There's a climax she wants to reach during pleasure that her husband can't take her to. Hmmm… 

The devil started making her see reasons why she should have just one more taste from her ex, and still maintain her marriage. 

She started buying to the stupid idea and suddenly forgot where she stands. The urge was so strong to go to her ex that she couldn't resist. Her flesh started dominating her spirit.

One night, her husband was already fast asleep. As usual, Andrea has been disturbing her with phone calls and text messages. 

She left the room where she stayed, and headed straight to Andrea's. 

"Andrea." She called, as she knocked on the door. 

He ran toward the door, opened it, pulled her in, and shut the door behind them. Without hearing a word from her, he kissed her passionately, she kissed him too. There and then, there was a fleshy reunion.

It was a heightened crescent of satisfaction, orgasm, pleasure, and fearful happiness.

The next night, the same thing happened. 


The third night…

Raine, it's you that I want.😩 My heart is still with you. I don't see myself spending the rest of my life with another woman asides you. I feel at peace with you, Raine.🥺"

And right to the hearing of her husband, they made out, again. 

Yeah… Raine's husband tip-toed after Raine.


Inside Life, life continues…

©️ glowforChrist🌹

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The Three-stroke Traditional Chinese Character Meaning “Inch”

Published on: March 16, 2023 | Category: Creative writing | Author: mm8787v5 | Likes: 0| Views: 295

We have gone through the three-stroke traditional Chinese character, 才, which means “capability” as a noun and “just” if used as an adverb, last time. We will look at another three-stroke character this time.

寸 is a simple three-stroke Traditional Chinese character which means “inch”, a measurement unit.

First stroke

It starts with a horizontal stroke. Remember it has to be written from left to right.

First stroke of Traditional Chinese character meaning “inch”
First stroke

Second stroke

The second stroke is essentially the vertical stroke — apply the top to bottom writing rule. Start writing / drawing the vertical line from top all the way to the bottom. But do not stop. Instead, go towards the left and go up a little bit so it ends up like a small hook. So here is a new type of stroke, which is essentially a variation of the basic vertical stroke.

It looks like a number ten, 十 with a small hook now.

Second stroke of Traditional Chinese character meaning “inch”
Second stroke

Third stroke

Instead of a falling leftwards stroke, a dot stroke is used. This is a new type of stroke and it is easy. Just a small dot and write / draw a little bit downwards. It is done now. It is simple, isn’t it?

Traditional Chinese character meaning “inch”
The finished character

We will go through another one next time soon.

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Do you have to go through hell before you "make it"?

Published on: March 07, 2023 | Category: Content writing | Author: Glow_forChrist🌹 | Likes: 1| Views: 172

Do you really have to go through hell before you "make it?"🤔

Why do you believe so much in "no pain no gain". 

Yep! we know that without a price, there wouldn't be a prize. But why have you made it look like, for you to attain the smallest level of success, you must die, then resurrect to achieve the success. It's as if, if you've not walked in the hot sun, put your hands to work hard on a farm, push a faulty car like in the Nollywoods, and do those strenuous  jobs, you have not started life, why? Who lied to you?

And that is why when something good comes your way without having to work too hard for it, you'll believe it's luck or something like that. Some of y'all find it really abnormal.

You think we need to see the days hunger dragged your neck to the ceiling, the days you were tattered, frustrated, and miserable?

But really, some journeys are unnecessary. 

Imagine you trying to use a cup to fill a drum with water, when you could actually connect a hose to the tap for a faster result.

There's no pride in suffering. Nobody wins an award for "who suffer pass". 

There's no shortcut to success, we know. But isn't it best for you to have the knowledge that certain methods are outdated and you need to apply wisdom to get things done fast?! It is LEGAL. Totally legal.🤌

Someone once said,

"Some destinations don't have shortcuts, you must walk the walk; but for those that do, value your time. Youth is vapour. Do all you can while you can by the fastest means you can."

Some situations only need your SMART working and not your HARD working. 


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