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Published on: February 11, 2023 | Category: Poetry | Author: Kareemham | Likes: 0| Views: 179

On the blue street of Mark Zuckerberg

I saw a beautiful female profile picture hung on a wall

I sent my friend request to her 

After a some minutes, my friend request was accepted

Happiness reached me to the bottom of my heart

I sent her a warm welcoming greetings

 We started chatting, and exchange  number.

Thanks to Mr Zuckerberg, for creating this platform.

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Nkechi My Love

Published on: February 04, 2023 | Category: Poetry | Author: @Mailambahenry | Likes: 0| Views: 215


Your love diminishes the remnants of hatred left in my soul,

it gives puissance to my feeble bones and insinuate the message of tender roses to my cognizance.

Though is not bright but colorful.

Though is not perfect but romantic and it nurtures the emotions I fancy.

A true love story that cannot be phantom, 

but glimpse with the telescope of imagination.


Your poems are grandiloquent in nature and with ease, I comprehend the language of your intensions.

The flowers in your garden are beguilingly displayed to my gratification, and it makes me feel enthrall to your world.

See how time flies....

While our love thrives.....

It makes me yearn for a replicate of the cherished moments if possible.

Nkem, (my dear)

A day with you in the trenches is like days in paradise.

A day in my room, now my clothes smells like your hair.

Nkechi my love,

I think I can adore you now and who knows, if it might last Forever…….???

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Accept YOU!

Published on: February 02, 2023 | Category: Creative writing | Author: Glow_forChrist🌹 | Likes: 2| Views: 222

Stop holding on to the old you that you've outgrown. Hey! You're now saved. You get that? Stop trying to still fit into old crowds you no longer feel comfortable around. Yes! That's the new you.

Stop negotiating with the devil. You don't need him, there's no point dialoguing.

Say "NO! Get thee behind me, satan!"

If it doesn't reflect Christ, then you have no business with it. 

Accept it, you're no longer that loose guard person you were. You're no longer that loud, street girl or boy. You're now a new creature in Christ. Accept it!

You're no longer that fighter, that fornicator, that liar, that cheat, that slave to the fear. You're now in Christ. This is the new you. Accept it!

I know you're used to the old you and you're not sure how to introduce this new you to people, but why holding on to something you've lost already? 

"If you're still fighting internal battles and struggling with identity issues, how do you intend to win the external wars?"

Come off it!

You've changed. 

You're a new creature, old things are passed away, all things have become new.

Accept it. 

Let your actions reflect Jesus.


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Not peace, but division

Published on: February 02, 2023 | Category: Content writing | Author: Glow_forChrist🌹 | Likes: 1| Views: 178


As we seek to please God in this generation, we seek to displease men.

Follow me..

Now, you're a believer whose heart cry is to please God.

Your unbelieving friend or roommate has been owing someone some amount of money, now that person comes to your house in search of your roommate. Your roommate stays indoor and begs you to tell that person behind the door that "I'm not around." 

Okay, take a look at this one.

"Hey, bro! Please, what's the answer to number 3?" (In an examination hall)

Oh.. Okay, take a look at this one.

"You think you can stay in my house and do this your Jesus thing? It's either I disown you or you disown that your God." (Probably, in a family where they don't believe in God, but you, Jesus found you.)

Is any of these looking like peace? Not at all… What will be your response?

Where some of us miss this is where we think it has to be lovely, smooth, you know, a "love your neighbor" kind of Christianity. Jesus said, "I tell you, nay."

We think because we must "follow peace", we can partner with an unbeliever to tell a lie to save our reputation. "I tell you, nay."

This unhappy truth does not, of course, imply that followers of Jesus are to seek conflict or to try to split up families. In fact, Jesus makes it clear that we are to be peacemakers and “to live in peace with each other” (Matt. 5:9; Mark 9:50). The Apostle Paul adds: “Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone” (Rom. 12:18). BUT MAKING PEACE IS NOT SYNONYMOUS TO MAKING NICE. Sometimes, our efforts to bring genuine peace to a situation or a relationship will, in fact, lead to conflict. Yet, we seek to serve God faithfully in such circumstances.

Did Jesus Come to Bring Peace or Division?

Do you think I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I have come to divide people against each other! 

Luke 12:51

I've read this passage of the Bible a very long time ago. I was reading along in Scripture when all of a sudden I came across this verse that punched me right in my face. After I got over my shock, I said to myself, “What is this doing here? How am I to make sense of this?” Honestly speaking, I was tempted to say, “I wish this verse weren’t here!” Lol.

Luke 12:51 is such a verse. It begins with a question that seems to have an obvious answer: “Do you think I have come to bring peace to the earth?”

Our answer: “Yes, of course we do. You are the Prince of Peace, after all. At your birth, the angels celebrated ‘PEACE on earth.’ The New Testament repeatedly explains how you give us peace. So, yes, Jesus, we do think you have come to bring peace on earth.”🤷‍♀️

 Then we hear Jesus’ stunning response: “No, I have come to divide people against each other!” (12:51). Jesus goes on to explain how he will split families in a variety of ways. This, in the culture of Jesus, was just about the worst thing one could imagine. And Jesus is saying he’s going to do it. It’s a punch to the gut, one that takes our breath away.

I don’t love the truth of Luke 12:51, but I must acknowledge it. There are times when loyalty to you divides families. I’ve seen it in my own ministry. I see it today throughout the world, especially in places where becoming a Christian is a capital offense. This is hard, Lord, as you may very well know from your own family experience.

Today I pray for those who face persecution because of their faith in you, even from their own families. I ask that you sustain them and encourage them. Dear Lord, break down the dividing walls of hostility in our world.

All of us together, will live a victorious Christian life in this perverse world, amen.


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Failed? Try again!

Published on: February 02, 2023 | Category: Creative writing | Author: Glow_forChrist🌹 | Likes: 0| Views: 174

I remember one day in class, our lecturer put a question on the board. Then, he said, "someone should come out and solve this." It was actually a topic on surd. Males were the ones lifting hands. My gender just sidon dey look. 😅

The lecturer then said, "so girls can't come out to solve this? Girls don't like maths."

That statement pricked me to the bone and I raised my hands. Yes, your I raised my hands. 

Should I tell you what happened?

Surd is actually a topic I solve with ease. It's one of the topics in further maths I enjoy solving. 

Back to my story. Did you know I went to board and disgraced the daughters of Eve.🥲

I made a very minor mistake which made me fail the question. 

I felt bad because I couldn't prove my knowledge to the public, plus, even if I should fail any question, it shouldn't be surd.🤦‍♀️ 

So, what did I do? I went back home and started taking my books seriously. 

Another different day, a question was thrown to the class, on the board still. This time on logarithms.

Honestly, that question was tough. Even the lecturer couldn't provide an answer. Different students came out to try, but kept failing…

I confidently stood up and went out to answer that question. Do you what happened?

I got it correctly!

I became really popular in school after that day. I became "celeb."😅

Most people from different angle, started coming to with me "hi sis, please can I get your phone number?"

"Hi sis, please where do you stay, can I come over on weekends?" 

"Lemme help you carry your bag."

At a point, I was like, " just because of  maths?"🙄

All I'm driving at is, if you fall, don't remain there. When you fail, try again. Try again, and again. 

If I didn't fail initially, I wouldn't have seen the need to study harder. I would have assumed that I have no problems no maths.

Failures shouldn't bring you down, rather it should be your stepping stone to a greater height.

And another point is, keep practicing. Don't assume you are now a pro. Keep practicing and practicing, that's an how to become an expert.


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