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Published on: February 25, 2023 | Category: Poetry | Author: Damilola Deborah | Likes: 0| Views: 169

When love becomes unacceptable,

It lives a life devoid of the alluring fullness of its known self.

Melancholy outshines felicity like how the orange sunset replaces the white afternoon sun,

Sorrow outstretches breaking the bond of solace 

into different unmatchable pieces,

Despair switches spots with delight,

Contentment is lost to the rivalry of regret.

When love becomes unacceptable,

It loses value 

like old naira notes.

It exists with no essence

like breath is to the dead.

It weighs heavier

than what the heart can bear.

It becomes apologetic, 

an uncontrollable fire burning with 

flames of remorse 

difficult to put off.

I've read about how love should be for the being of light,

But when love becomes unacceptable,

It gets darker than night


Even in broad daylight,

Something only you get to see,

A feeling only you live to overcome.

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Published on: January 24, 2023 | Category: Creative writing | Author: Damilola Deborah | Likes: 1| Views: 153

 The sign post reads 9km. The foggy cloud is loosing its little light left. I've had to drag my reluctant feeling along with me while leaving home some moments ago. My face squeezed to the middle in an attempt to  pack my belongings. And just after I've mounted the difficulty of getting the ghana-must-go bag zipped and the sack tied with the help of an extra hand, I remember again another thing I missed out. God knows how an alien my mind and body has become to this journey, a more reason why I delayed my movement till the evening.

   I am not a fan of night travels. It's draining struggling to see clearly everything in sight, but here I am still in this old, tattered car. The times says 7:03pm as we approached the bus stop. Set for another rough journey, but this time, on a bike with one of my bags in the middle, and the other in front of the bike man, taking almost all the spaces available. He kick-start, thus zooming us off into the dark, clumsy traffic.


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Published on: January 24, 2023 | Category: Poetry | Author: Dampo_writes | Likes: 0| Views: 153

Sometimes I wish I could choose an identity for my feelings. Something like a mask that could be worn to fit every given situation. So that it won't be a stone when it should be a feather.

I'm aware of how feeling lives different modes of life in its cycle as fitting to nature. How it can be a scarlet stain tough to wash away. How it can be as frail as the fine thread of a cobweb that can't stand the weight of a moving touch. How it can be the back-and-forth movement of a wave at the shore that comes and goes, random, undefined, fleeting. But seldom do all these faces of feelings smile at my needs. So I just wish I could decide what my feelings get to be.  To be like a fine thread of a cobweb, that sways away when it is unaccepted by the other. To not hold on like a scarlet stain on white cotton where pureness is all that is needed to thrive. Maybe then I could move on, indifferent, like time is to all things in existence.

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Published on: January 13, 2023 | Category: Creative writing | Author: @Mailambahenry | Likes: 1| Views: 183

Here comes a new era.

A new voice with an old message.

A new generation with a new god,

a new testament with an old argument.

A generation sophisticated with technology but domesticated with violence, greed, fraudulence and betrayal.

A generation that dance to a rhythm without mindful of the lyrics.

A generation that loves a giftwrap rather than the gift itself.

A flashy lifestyle with a faulty foundation will definitely lead to a disgraceful reality.

A generation obsessed with fame and keen for attention.

Lame when it comes to follow but enthusiastic for leadership.

Financial profit is the only essence for business owners, impact and consequences are of no importance to them.

To the political leaders: Why is the integrity of your speech bankrupt?

To the critics they say we are jobless.

To the clergy the say they are pointless,

and to you: 

Your simplicity is being perceived as a refined silliness.

Nonetheless the new testament is not totally hopeless....

Because of me and you, yes You!

It's time to correct our mistakes and improve our performance!!!

But how can you stand in the dark and expect to be seen, without or within?


He who seeks for a paradigm shift

must pass through the ancient doors of knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom and practicality!!!



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The Traditional Chinese Character for "No"

Published on: January 10, 2023 | Category: Creative writing | Author: mm8787v5 | Likes: 1| Views: 164

This time we are going to learn how to say no in Chinese.

The Traditional Chinese character for no is is a simple four-stroke character.  Let’s get on to it now.

First stroke

The first stroke is a horizontal stroke that have been used in a number of characters before.  It is basically the Chinese character for number one, .

Second stroke

The second stroke is a falling leftwards stroke.  The stroke starts from the top and falls leftwards until it reaches the bottom to end.  A falling leftwards stroke is one of the basics strokes that form Chinese characters.  It then becomes:

Third stroke

The third stoke is the vertical stroke that was first talked about when the Chinese character, was introduced . 

Write the vertical stroke – apply the top to bottom writing rule.  Start writing / drawing the vertical line from top all the way to the bottom and stop.  

We are almost there!

Fourth stroke

The fourth stroke is a falling rightwards stroke.  Just start the stroke from the top and falls rightwards until it reaches the bottom to end.    

So, this is the Traditional Chinese Character, .

Remember to practise before the next character comes.

Thanks for reading.

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