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Who We are

  1. Cravinkminds is a platform aimed towards helping youths find pleasure and financial comfort as writers and freelancers. We are building a global network of writers, authors, and freelancers. Our goal is to help writers earn and find pleasure in their skill.

    We are hoping to correct the false ideology that many cannot make a fortune from their writing skills.

    While our training and award benefits are aimed towards the writing community, we also allow freelancers to sell and offer as many skills as they are good at. We have seen how terrible and unaccommodating the internet can be for Nigerians. This is why we have set this up our website and other Cravinkminds platforms, to help you earn and grow seamlessly. We are trying to be the first success story for every Nigerian writer or freelancer. 

    Cravinkminds is 100% founder owned. All our features are towards equipping you with a high income skill and helping you earn unlimitedly at your own pace. We hope you have a great time growing and earning. 
    Signed, Joel Adewale (CEO)

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