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Who We are

Here's a funny story of how it all started

When I was a teenager, I was hell-bent on becoming a writer. One of those days, in my teen church, I was asked this question, "What do you want to be in life?" I answered with much boldness and Confidence: "I want to be a writer" The entire class laughed at me. Even the teacher I had much respect for made mockery of me. I was shocked and furious.

You see, his point was: "You can't claim writing as a profession because it doesn't exactly put food on the table. "But his argument only made me more desperate to prove that "writers can Excel and make money with writing".

I ended up studying Literature in OAU. And in 2020, I founded Cravinkminds—a global community for writers and freelancers to grow and earn.

And here's how it kept moving...

I realized early that all writers are either interested in becoming so good at writing, enjoying the habit of writing, or making money from writing.

So, in Cravinkminds we put up structures in place to ensure that writers have all they need to accelerate their writing skills, enjoy the habit of writing, and make money from writing.

With our all-inclusive membership training, anyone can thoroughly master the art of writing itself. And with other courses like the copywriting or SEO membership training, writers can master High-income writing skills that are in high-demand and bring in a lot of money.

Seeing the huge role that freelancing plays in the success of writing, we expanded our freelance community to ensure that our writers can earn conveniently as freelancers, and also have a wide range of freelancers that they can work with to complete tasks.

We consider Cravinkminds as a global community and marketplace that empowers youths and Creatives all over the world to maximize the skill of writing and develop surefire ways to earn and grow online.

Our features like CCN-Cravinkminds Community Network, Freelancing, Audiophile, Bookstore, and many others are all created to empower anyone willing to grow and earn as a writer or freelancer. Cravinkminds is 100% founder owned. Enjoy growing and earning with Cravinkminds!

Signed, Joel Adewale (CEO)

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